5 Tips to furnish your entrance hall with VDA

The entrance of a house is a space to which we usually pay little attention but which actually has a strategic importance.

It is the first contact one has with the house, the space that welcomes our guests and friends. But it is not just this: the entrance hall is also an example of our personality and style.

In designing this space, therefore, we recommend paying attention to colours and furnishing accessories, as to make the most of the space at your disposal and to furnish it in the style that suits you the best.

There are no precise rules in the entrance hall furnishings. With the choice of furnishing accessories you can intervene to conceal critical points or, on the contrary, enhance their qualities, but besides the aesthetics, it is recommended to keep in mind the functionality that covers this space.

If you have decided to furnish your entrance hall with our furnishing accessories, here are our tips.

When art welcomes you

You can customise the entrance wall with an artistic painting: this will make your room elegant and sophisticated. If you are looking for a Murano glass painting, our collection of paintings is right for you.

On request, our master craftsmen can customise the selected work: you can choose the frame you prefer as well as request the addition of a dedication or a change of subject.

When nature becomes art

The latest trend is stabilised vegetal frames. These are artistic compositions made with stabilised lichen, roses and other flowers and leaves treated to last in time without the need of any treatment.
An entrance hall decorated with vegetal frames will seems to welcome guests in an enchanted garden.

A luminous entrance hall

The choice to furnish the entrance with a full-length mirror responds to two particular needs: control your appearance before leaving home and giving light to the room. Among our Murano glass mirrors, we recommend the beautiful Frari.

A touch of colour

If the walls of your house are white or neutral, you can bring a touch of colour with the right furnishing accessories. With our creations you are spoiled for choice: you can choose a coloured vase, like Torete or Brazzo, a monochromatic vase, or you can dare with the colour of roses.
A colorful entrance hall will bring joy to your guests.

A stylish entrance hall

If you have already furnished your entrance hall with shelves or wooden tables, you can add a touch of class with Murano glass furnishing accessories: vases, court shoes and table mirrors are right for you. For an entrance in high style.