Murano Glass

A journey to the origins of beauty.

Vetro Da Amare celebrates the union between the noble art of Murano glassmaking and discerning floral decoration.

According to legend, the glass we have known and loved for centuries was first created by an almost magical accident.

One day, Phoenician merchants picked up a hard crystal to try and light a camp fire. In the heat of the flames, this crystal melted and mixed with the sand, creating the first glass.

From the sandy banks of a river in Syria, the precious material spread across the entire Mediterranean region over the centuries.

The origin of glassmaking in Venice can be traced back to Roman times.

Tradition has it that Venetians from Roman towns along the Adriatic coast from Adria to Altino were the first to move to the islands of the lagoon and begin the manufacture of glass.

Pure, perfectly transparent and crystal clear glass was first produced on the island of Murano in the 15th century.

This was the start of a long tradition of craftsmanship. Murano glass, a material of a thousand forms and colours has been requested, appreciated and loved by great and noble families ever since.

This centuries-old craft, handed down from one generation of master glassmakers to the next, is perfectly complemented by the creative genius of the skilled artists who decorate glass with delightful floral compositions, capturing the charm of roses for years to come.

From the wonder created by accident comes a desire to achieve even greater enchantment.

A beauty enhanced by beauty, that demands to be loved.