Murano Glass, Stabilized Elements

A tale of art and luxury: stabilised roses and the finest materials

Stabilised roses are real flowers that, thanks to stabilisation, preserve their beauty untouched for years, as if it were protected by an elixir of eternal youth. It is precisely stabilisation the reason why they are the most precious flowers everyone might wish for: a lover wants them as a gift, as a symbol of eternal love, while a professional uses them for his own artistic creations.

This particular type of roses, long-lasting thanks to stabilisation, guarantees to the creative genius of the skilled artists to craft delightful decorative works with the most varied materials. VDA Borella’s professionals, masters in floral art since thirty years, know all the secrets to glorify the splendour of these magic roses with the finest and luxurious materials: Murano glass and gold.

Murano glass

The combination of roses and Murano glass makes the essence of VDA Borella. It is a creative, original and traditional union at the same time, capable of bringing together two classical beauties into one, fancy and revolutionary creation. Murano glass, crown jewel of the venetian craftsmanship, is one of the most valuable glass varieties in the world.

Born by the painstaking work of highly qualified master glassmakers, dedicated to its manufacturing in the furnaces, the quality of this material is enhanced by the union with charming roses.

VDA Borella’s catalogue provides many examples of artistic creations made with the two elements, such as vases or mirrors.

Pure gold leaf

Among all VDA Borella’s beautiful artistic creations, Provenza frame stands out for its incredible beauty: emblem of VDA Borella’s luxury crafts, Provenza is made of refined Obeche wood and embellished with 23.3 carat gold leaf, crafted and mold by the skilled hands of a talented master frame-maker, in order to receive in it a painting or a mirror.

A work whose remarkable value is intensified with a delightful composition of stabilised roses that, together with pure gold leaf, transforms it into a masterpiece.
Precious flowers like stabilised roses need both noble elements to celebrate their beauty and some attentions in order to preserve the enchantment which keeps them young.