VdAborella was born in Fiesso d’Artico, a town on the Riviera del Brenta, not far from Venice. In 1992 the company began to affirm itself with splendid floral art creations, capable of giving emotions and dreams to customers. Over time, the company chose to add a further touch of magic to its art: then the idea of ​​creating Murano glass objects enriched with gold decorations and graceful compositions of stabilized plants and roses was born. Dreams made of glass, gold, and roses, destined to excite the whole world.

In each product, VdAborella contains the essence of Venice, from the evocative names of vases, mirrors, and paintings to the floral decorations with which they are personalized. The company’s creativity leads to always designing new, unique, and inimitable products with the most refined materials. Each idea is thoroughly designed to become prestigious as to be registered models. Today VdABorella is a young and dynamic company, aimed at a refined and international clientele constantly looking for new ideas to combine Murano glass, plants, and stabilized roses in exclusive artistic creations.


VdABorella vases, mirrors, jewels, and paintings are hand-made and solely on order, starting from the wishes of its customers. Each phase of the work is carried out by the skilled hands of the artisans, according to the secrets of the millenary glass art of Murano, and with the care and passion that only thirty years of activity can guarantee. In the furnace, the master glassmakers with agility forge elegant works of fire. In the atelier of the master decorator, gold and talent come together in the creation of a dedication that speaks of love and devotion. In the laboratory, the skilled hands of our Flower Designers carefully choose the plants and stabilized roses to give life to the enchantment of the floral composition. In the workshop, the finest wood is modeled by the master framer to create frames of rare beauty.


Exclusive and handcrafted works move with the charm of art: because art, as well as dreams, is unique and precious.