Stabilized Elements

An enchantment of eternal beauty.

It is to our great satisfaction at Vetro da Amare that we are able to combine our precious glass creations with enchanting floral arrangements, embellished with dedication and devotion, by our skilled flower designers.

Among all the flowers, we chose the queen: it is the rose, the flower that expresses our emotions thanks to the colours of its petals.

The spell of a fairy seems to preserve the beauty of Vetro da Amare’s roses: it is stabilisation, a process that, like an elixir of eternal youth, preserve the appearance of a freshly-cut flower, preventing them form withering.

The more the roses will be kept carefully, the longer their spell will last.

The maintenance of stabilised roses is pretty simple but requires some care: since stabilised roses are full-fledged natural, it is unavoidable that the passing of time will affect their beauty.

Vetro da Amare is happy to advice you on how preserve your roses from the damages of time, thanks to the skill and professional care that only thirty years in the business can provide.

Do not water.

The normal maintenance of a rose requires watering.

A fundamental rule for plants but not recommended for stabilised roses: the process that they have undergone makes water completely unnecessary.

Furthermore, water would damage the very composition of your artwork.

Keep away from direct sunlight

Sunlight is one of the most important sources of energy and nourishment for plants and trees.

Again, stabilised roses are an exception: the direct sunlight against their silky and delicate petals might accelerate the aging process and ruin them irreversibly.

Keep them indoors.

Our artworks represent a perfect choice for classy events and ceremonies.

However, a long stay under the sun and under severe temperatures might ruin your beautiful arrangement.


Keep them in a dry environment

An extremely wet environment is harmful for stabilised roses.

Our advice is to keep the roses away from environments where humidity is easier to concentrate.

The delicate charm of roses enhances the perfect Murano glass creations, molded in the furnaces by the skilled master glassmakers, depositary of a millenary art.

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