New collection of Murano glass glasses – Made in Italy by Venetian artist. Venetian Tableware Sets. Collectible colored glasses in Murano glass at discounted prices. Original handcrafted products made of Murano glass. Discover our online catalog now!

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Glasses in Murano glass

Murano glass glasses are a very popular product in local artisanal production, but VDABorella enriches them with stabilized roses and plants and enchanting hand-made decorative paintings. On our site there are glasses of different shapes and sizes, perfect to be used during meals but also as graceful interior decorations.

The handcrafted glasses in Murano glass can be a beautiful collection to keep at home, but also a simple and elegant gift or favor. They are handcrafted by master glassmakers in the furnaces of Murano, and finely decorated by hand by a skilled artist using fusible fired enamels and 24 carat liquid gold.

The representations can be of various types and personalized: everything is enriched by stabilized roses of which you can choose the color. The glasses are generally transparent in order to highlight these elaborate designs, but the Goto Acquavita and Goto Aseo collections are distinguished by the greater color that gives liveliness to the work.

The arrangement of the roses also changes: the latter are carefully positioned on the surface of the glass, which becomes a fascinating and original decorative element.