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Hearts in Murano glass

VDA Borella pays homage to love with this beautiful Murano glass heart, worked and decorated by hand by its skilled master craftsmen.

At the symbol of the greatest passion in the world, the masters have combined their arts to help you best express your emotions.

Imagine giving this creation to your love for your anniversary, birthday or Valentine’s Day: your words, written in liquid gold or polychrome enamels, will make the occasion unforgettable.

To make it the perfect gift, VDA Borella will send the heart to your home with a beautiful package carefully prepared by our florists.

This lovely collection of Murano glass hearts was born as a tribute to the strongest passion in the world: love.

Handcrafted by the best Murano glass masters, the heart can be decorated with a message of love, handwritten by a master decorator: we will be happy to make your wish come true.