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Luxury Design in Murano Glass

VDABorella products are luxury creations: craftsmanship, quality, tradition and attention to detail are always guaranteed.

Our works are made of Murano glass, through the typical Venetian processing of this material by expert local glass masters.

From this point of view, each creation contains with its own beauty a spectacular history of techniques handed down between generations.

Stabilized plants are then added to the composition with great care: roses, mosses, lichens and more. The stabilization treatment allows these real plants to last for a long time over the years, without the need for special maintenance.

This element is also carefully selected in the countries of origin to ensure the best quality and beauty.

Among our most important products, some mirrors and paintings are composed of a wonderful wooden frame: also handcrafted, with the use of precious and quality materials and colors.

An important role in the conclusion of the work is that of the master decorator: a talented and precise craftsman enriches everything with his wonderful decorative paintings, using the technique of 24 carat gold leaf and polychrome enamels fired.

An enchanting example of the union of these techniques that you can find in the Luxury category is the Doge vase.

It is a handcrafted Murano Glass vase that contains a splendid composition of graceful colored stabilized roses.

However, it stands out from other vases for its marvelous painting: a reproduction of the “Bucintoro” surrounded by precise and elegant gilded ornaments, always made by hand.

The Bucintoro was the Doge’s boat that was part of the traditional historical regatta that can still be admired today, on the first Sunday of September, along the Grand Canal.

The result is a real one-of-a-kind art jewel. Another example is Furatola: a furnishing accessory with a very innovative and original design.

It consists of a Murano glass disc made by glass masters with the insertion of canes of various colors and murrine.

This element is supported by a metal frame, also handcrafted, and the whole is enriched by a base covered with mosses, lichens and stabilized flowers.

It is therefore a unique and exclusive design element.