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Murano glass mirrors

The spectacular collection of Venetian mirrors demonstrates the incredible talent of VDA Borella’s master craftsmen.

The frames are finely crafted with Murano glass elements, gold leaf and real stabilized roses: with each creation the masters give life to a reinterpretation of the classic Venetian style with a touch of floral art.

The magnificence of Venice is enclosed in every mirror, evoked by the names of the most famous doges of the Serenissima.

These beautiful works of art are perfect for any decor: from luxury interiors of hotels, restaurants and yachts to private homes, to repeat the charm of Venetian art within each home.

The glass masters are a team of professionals, custodians of the ancient art of Murano glass, handed down from one generation to another since ancient times.

Each work created follows an artisanal creation process, according to the highest standards.

The result is the birth of a work in authentic Murano glass, as demonstrated by the certificate of authentication that accompanies each VDA Borella creation: the certificate will attest to the geographical origin, the high quality craftsmanship of the product and the authenticity of the glass.

All of our glass works are created to order in order to guarantee you further confirmation of the uniqueness of your purchase.

The presence of plants and stabilized roses enriches the elegance of these furnishing objects even more.

Preserved roses are true roses protected by stabilization, a process which, by replacing the sap of the flowers with glycerine, prevents them from wilting.

If stored indoors and dry, away from direct sunlight, roses can maintain the appearance and beauty of a freshly picked flower without any kind of care.

Our roses are carefully selected in their countries of origin, mainly in South America, chosen at the moment of their maximum splendor and immediately subjected to stabilization, in order to crystallize and preserve the beauty and size of the freshly picked flower over time. .

VDA Borella also guarantees the possibility of personalizing its creations with the choice of the color of the roses and with the creation of a dedication or decoration.

This last service is rendered by a rare talented artist who, using the most sophisticated Murano glass decoration techniques, will make the product even more exclusive.

The decoration phase requires all the attention and patience of the artist: a process that leaves no room for errors.


The mirrors and photo frames available in our online shop are entirely handcrafted in Murano glass and must be protected from what could damage them.

First of all, they must be placed in a closed and sheltered environment, distance from direct sources of light and heat would also be ideal, which in the long run, could deteriorate the plant parts that make up our works.

In particular, it should be remembered that there are inserts of stabilized flowers and plants: the latter are treated with a stabilization process to maintain their freshness over time.

They need absolutely no water or nutrients, but an occasional cleansing would help maintain their beauty.

We recommend you to use a soft bristle brush, which will help you reach even the most hidden spots where dust is deposited.

For the mirror or photo frame, instead, we suggest the use of a microfiber cloth moistened with water or, to better clean the glass, a small amount of glass and mirror cleaner will be useful, acting with care and attention.

It will be enough to treat the work occasionally and protect the flowers in particular, but also the entire composition, from sudden movements, falls, and bumps.