Artificial flowers and fake flower arrangements for cemetery or home. Artificial or fake flowers that look real that you can find are online, products available only on our website, these artificial flowers are not found wholesale, on Amazon or Ikea.

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Artificial Fake Flowers

VDA Borella, in all its creations, combines floral art through the inclusion of stabilized plants and flowers and care in the final packaging.

In this category you can find purely floral compositions, and more. In fact, our online shop offers numerous combinations of fake flowers: collected in colorful bouquets by our talented florists, or simply flowers considered individually.

The artificial flowers are of high quality and chosen with meticulous attention to ensure beauty and the greatest possible resemblance to fresh flowers.

It is also a creation that lasts a long time and needs a very simple and undemanding care, which consists in the occasional cleaning of the flowers.

Some types of bouquets are certainly suitable for decorating an altar in a church or cemetery, thanks to their resistance over time and in the environment in which they are found, others instead as a gift and decoration for environments: at home, in an office or study. professional these wonderful compositions will require no attention or maintenance.

Whether used as fake flowers for cemetery, outdoor or as compositions for furniture, these ornaments will certainly not go unnoticed.

By consulting our site, you will find a very wide choice of bouquets: the colors, shapes and types of flowers are varied and suitable for everyone’s preferences.

Alternatively, flowers to be purchased individually are also available: collected in packages with a variable number of stems, they are perfect for decorating any environment, placed in a vase, or simply to give color to a shelf in both a domestic and a working environment.

Again, the choice is really wide: stems of magnolia, peony, freesia, eucalyptus and more are available.

Thanks to the metal core of the stem, the flower is easily molded and therefore adaptable to the most varied uses.

Fake flowers are therefore an excellent choice to give elegance and beauty to any type of environment, without requiring any care.


Fake flowers are usually chosen for their resistance over time, without the need for great care, but to keep their initial appearance, it is essential to dedicate a little maintenance to them periodically.

The most significant thing is to remove the dust that settles on the surface of the flowers, which if left for a long time, will begin to alter their material.

For this, we recommend two simple methods: first, use a hairdryer with cold air and at low speed, about 20 cm away from the flowers and leaves, to remove the dust.

To reach the most hidden spots, on the other hand, a soft bristle brush can be used delicately. In addition to this occasional cleaning, the flowers, being artificial, do not require any other care.

However, you can pay attention to their placement: artificial flowers are often used outdoors, but it would be better if possible to keep them indoors if you want to preserve their beauty for a long time.

The color will remain unchanged only if protected from direct light sources, and it is equally important to protect the flowers from heat sources or harmful substances.

The water itself should be avoided since some parts are made of fabric material, which could therefore absorb the liquid and be damaged.

The best choice would therefore be to place your flowers in a vase within a room, rather than resting on a shelf away from any element that could damage or dirty them excessively.