Stabilized vegetable paintings, all you need to know

Recently, stabilized plant paintings are depopulating. It is a real design work for lovers of unconventional furniture. As the word itself says, these are representations of trees, flowers, and plants on canvases that are not painted with colors but with vegetation. To achieve this effect, however, it is necessary to subject everything to a particular process that will preserve the plants, trees, or flowers chosen keeping them fresh and beautiful to look at. It is precisely the stabilization process that will make it possible not to always water the work.

One of the main advantages of having paintings stabilized in your home is that of being proud to have something so special and beautiful to look at. It is something innovative and it will gradually widespread, especially in offices and homes where design works reign supreme. These design works have positive and strong visual impacts, but above all, they are safe and perform a sound-absorbing action. All this always if you rely on industry experts. Therefore, they manage to reduce noise pollution if done in the right way.

How to stabilize a vegetal framework?

It may seem strange and tough but to have a stabilized plant picture, you don’t have to mince words, and above all, it’s not what it seems. However, these plants stabilized thanks to the process in question, will last for about 10 years, and will not require any kind of attention or maintenance. That’s the beauty of it. To have a stabilized plant picture, it is, therefore, necessary to subject the chosen plants, flowers, or trees to a kind of embalming. This will happen thanks to special products, a natural glycerin-based blend that will give brightness and will replace the lifeblood of the chosen plants.

Afterward, you can proceed with the desired shape and the realization of the plant framework. These are works that will always appear shiny and cool, this is because it is a technique that has seen the light for about ten years and can offer spectacular design products. So whether it is a type of furniture, walls, or even small sculptures, there is no difference, the stabilization will provide an “evergreen” and luminous effect.

Preserved vegetable paintings: how to choose the right one

Choosing a stabilized plant framework can be difficult, especially if you don’t know what you want for your apartment. However, we must also consider what’s behind this wonderful work, so that it is always advisable to contact experts in the sector. VDA Borella is a specialized company that always manages to satisfy every customer in the best possible way. Stabilized plant paintings are often on request, and it is here that the imagination and the skill of the craftsman will then take shape to this wonderful work.

If you do not know how to choose a beautiful plant painting and which type of plant to stabilize, you may want to contact an interior designer. These will undoubtedly help to find the right solution without falling into excess. You can also choose more types of plants and flowers, there is not only one opportunity for each stabilized plant framework. The bigger the size, the more the plants can be large, or on the contrary, for small spaces, it is advisable to choose plants or flowers that can give a touch of elegance but with delicacy and small dimensions.

At this point, you just have to get an idea and perhaps proceed with a visit to the online shop to choose a stabilized plant product or, why not, begin to understand where to place one of these innovative designs works within your home. You can also consider setting up an entire wall if you like it. In short, with stabilized plant paintings, there is no limit to the imagination. Otherwise, the more you experiment, the better the outcome will be.

The traditional Venetian goths by VDA Borella

VDA tumblers: new stabilised roses party favours

Stabilised roses party favours, Murano glass furnishing accessories, tableware, wedding presents, corporate gifts…the most diverse artistic creations take shape with VDA Borella’s magic. The union of wise, handmade work of master glassmakers with the delicate arrangement of roses and stabilised lichen gives life to your desires.

Among the new creations by VDA Borella, the artistic collections of tumblers are noteworthy, particularly appreciated for their versatility: thanks to floral decorations, our tumblers are often chosen as stabilised roses party favours, as centerpieces for special events, as well as luxury gift ideas and furnishing accessories. 

Tumblers as stabilised roses party favours

The history of Murano glass tumblers has its roots in the life of the ancient glassmasters: the goti de fornase (“tumblers of the furnace” in venetian dialect) were crafted and used to drink by masters during the hard work in the furnace. The goti were modeled with hot vitreous paste, without paying attention to the perfection of the form. Today these irregular shaped creations are considered precious objects, very popular and sought after all over the world.

VDA Borella’s tumblers reinterpret the venetian tradition of goti de fornase by merging Murano glass charm with a beautiful arrangement of stabilised roses. This is how Goti Acquavita and Goti Aseo were born.

Goti Acquavita and Goti Aseo

Goti Acquavita are handmade by our masters, in the respect of the traditional craftsmanship of goti de fornase, with murrine millefiori, silver and polychrome canes poured on the inside. The floral decoration, a work of our florists, turns them into stabilised roses party favours: the lively beauty of these goti is perfect for weddings or special events that you want to remember forever.

Goti Aseo are characterised by a regular shape and the pastel shades of blue, green, white and red, recalled by the composition of roses. For these goti, the masters used the incalmo technique – the same of ca’ Rizzi vase – which consists of the combination of glasses of different colours welded together while hot. Goti Aseo are mostly chosen to decorate table during special events.

Discover our tableware: choose your favorite.

Decorate your table with Murano glass

With the new Vetro da Amare’s collections you can decorate your table with the art and elegance that distinguish the Venetian tradition. Coloured tumblers, cutlery trays enriched with gold and platinum and colourful stabilised roses immediately give a touch of personality to every mise en place.

The tableware collection by VdA represents a novelty in the company’s furnishing accessories panorama, but it is animated by the same philosophy: the pursuit of uniqueness.

Murano glass centerpieces

Within the tableware collection, the Murano glass tumblers stand out, especially the Goti Acquavita. The Goti Acquavita, a clear tribute to the Venetian tradition of the goti de fornasa, are characterized by very bright colours and by the characteristic irregular shape, which identifies these products as handcrafted. These creations, enriched by an arrangement of preserved roses, luxury flowers, are particularly suitable as centerpieces during special events: a party, a wedding, a graduation party…The Goti Acquavita, enlighted by the wonderful colours of Murrine millefiori, can create a joyful atmosphere.

Cutlery trays with stabilised roses

Born from a very original idea, the VdA cutlery trays are the perfect accessories to decorate the table with style and elegance. Painstakingly crafted by skilled master glassmakers, these cutlery trays are hand-decorated by a talented artist with liquid gold and platinum and embellished even more with the addition of a small composition of stabilised roses, the company signature.

The cutlery trays can be customised on request both for the colour of stabilised roses and for the decoration: for instance, if chosen for a wedding dinner, the cutlery trays can be decorated with the initials of the newlyweds or with the wedding date.

Widmann and Pisani carafes and tumblers

Delicate, refined, sophisticated, the products of the Widmann and Pisani lines are artistic creations of ethereal beauty. These creations are handmade in Murano glass and then decorated with fusible enamels and gold leaf to reproduce Christmas or idyllic scenes. However, it is the addition of the small vegetal composition within each product that makes them truly special: carafes and tumblers of these collections can be used as centerpieces as well or they can be used as graceful luxury party favours to offer to our guests.

The ideas to decorate

The mise en place: how to lay the table with art

Always looking for the most exclusive novelties, VDA Borella launches a new line of products for laying a sophisticated table. Products different from the previous ones, but made with the same philosophy: the research for uniqueness.

At the tables of a restaurant, we rarely pay much attention to the mise en place, yet, nothing is left to chance, especially in the most refined events. Setting the table for a ceremony is not an easy combination of cutlery and plates, but it is a real art that can define the style and elegance of an event.

The rules for laying a beautiful table come from France: since the time of King Louis XIV, there is indeed a definite table etiquette that we still consider a reference model today.

The tablecloth must be in the right shade, the dishes must be aligned about 3 or 5 centimeters from the edge, each guest should have around 80 centimeters of space available. What about the cutlery?

There are different ways to arrange cutlery: French style, with forks on the left and knives on the right, according to the order of use from the outside to the inside; Italian style, with knives on the left and forks on the right. Naturally, there is no more correct solution than the other: it involves different styles of conceiving the aesthetics of the cutlery.

The design of the VDA Borella’s cutlery rests is intended for the most sophisticated events: Setting the table on Christmas with a square cutlery rest and real stabilized red roses that house a knife or fork. Surprise friends at dinner by setting the table with a hand-decorated Murano glass accessory.

Or laying a table for an appetizer with an original Murano glass complement, supplemented by gold and platinum inserts and real stabilized roses with customizable color.

 These are some solutions to lay the table with etiquette. Our products, with customizable colors for the roses, will give a touch of exclusivity and glow to events such as the table for Christmas, the table for refreshments, for baptisms, confirmations, graduations, or any other ceremony.

The real stabilized roses, which distinguish our table accessories, are set with skill and passion by our florists, satisfying the requests and desires of our customers with the choice of the color of the roses, making everything up in an exemplary packaging for exclusive and personal wedding favors.

5 Tips to furnish your entrance hall with VDA

The entrance of a house is a space to which we usually pay little attention but which actually has a strategic importance.

It is the first contact one has with the house, the space that welcomes our guests and friends. But it is not just this: the entrance hall is also an example of our personality and style.

In designing this space, therefore, we recommend paying attention to colours and furnishing accessories, as to make the most of the space at your disposal and to furnish it in the style that suits you the best.

There are no precise rules in the entrance hall furnishings. With the choice of furnishing accessories you can intervene to conceal critical points or, on the contrary, enhance their qualities, but besides the aesthetics, it is recommended to keep in mind the functionality that covers this space.

If you have decided to furnish your entrance hall with our furnishing accessories, here are our tips.

When art welcomes you

You can customise the entrance wall with an artistic painting: this will make your room elegant and sophisticated. If you are looking for a Murano glass painting, our collection of paintings is right for you.

On request, our master craftsmen can customise the selected work: you can choose the frame you prefer as well as request the addition of a dedication or a change of subject.

When nature becomes art

The latest trend is stabilised vegetal frames. These are artistic compositions made with stabilised lichen, roses and other flowers and leaves treated to last in time without the need of any treatment.
An entrance hall decorated with vegetal frames will seems to welcome guests in an enchanted garden.

A luminous entrance hall

The choice to furnish the entrance with a full-length mirror responds to two particular needs: control your appearance before leaving home and giving light to the room. Among our Murano glass mirrors, we recommend the beautiful Frari.

A touch of colour

If the walls of your house are white or neutral, you can bring a touch of colour with the right furnishing accessories. With our creations you are spoiled for choice: you can choose a coloured vase, like Torete or Brazzo, a monochromatic vase, or you can dare with the colour of roses.
A colorful entrance hall will bring joy to your guests.

A stylish entrance hall

If you have already furnished your entrance hall with shelves or wooden tables, you can add a touch of class with Murano glass furnishing accessories: vases, court shoes and table mirrors are right for you. For an entrance in high style.