Murano glass jewels, the gift for every occasion

Murano glass jewels are now the history of glass processing in Venice. For years, these wonderful and precious artifacts have been produced in master craftsmen’s workshops and appreciated all around the world. With time, however, more efforts are being made to merge tradition with innovation to finally face the generations of today. For these types of products, we start from the handcrafted costume jewelry in Murano glass, specially designed to give color and be worn at any time of the day.

There are other glass jewels, perhaps with gold or silver finishes that further embellish the workmanship and the object itself. Each Murano glass jewel has its personality and is often the result of the customer’s request to the workshop craftsman. We work a lot on customization and talk about processes designed specifically by the experts to offer the best Murano glass products. Many Venetian glass collections are made entirely in the imagination of the craftsman, who combines the right techniques and the right colors to create a real masterpiece.

The processing of Venetian glass jewels

The processing of Murano glass jewels is with no doubt the most interesting phase since it is here that the fusion between tradition, therefore with processing techniques, and innovation takes place. The latter will have to follow the new fashion trends to maintain the expression of timeless Venetian craftsmanship and, above all, to keep the name of the Italian design of these precious objects high.

Murano glass jewels are a success, they are more and more appreciated all over the world. These Murano glass artifacts do not have an expiry date and are always appreciable and can be purchased according to your tastes. Each of them gives value to an item of clothing and is part of the entire outfit, not to mention the class they give to the person who wears them. The key to the success of Murano glass jewelry, however, lies in the fact that it is always possible to follow a modern and essential design, without falling into excess. Even wearing the entire collection does not give a bad feeling, it gives completeness to the figure.

Collections of Murano glass jewels, design and tradition

As mentioned above, Murano glass jewels can also give elegance with the combination of entire collections. If one thinks of costume jewelry or gold and silver jewelry with Murano glass finishes, one cannot fail to refer to the great artisan tradition of glass and the high class. The entire collection of Venetian glass jewelry has always been the flagship of tourists, but also of fans of the sector. Every year numerous customers love to visit the shops to bring home entire collections of Murano glass artifacts.

These not only include handcrafted jewels but also paintings, sculptures, and other products entirely handmade by master shopkeepers. These are artifacts, but unique and refined objects never exaggerated with spectacular illustrations. The color combinations are then specifically designed to please customers and offer the best experience. Wearing a collection of Murano glass jewels is comparable to a real experience. Behind wonderful objects, there is always a story or an episode to tell. If you are interested in discovering the world of Murano glass jewelry, VDA Borella offers a wide range of products that can be sold both individually and with the entire collection. All you have to do is visit the site and discover the product that best suits your tastes to choose the right gift for friends, relatives, or why not, even for yourself. You may not resist the charm of Murano glass, and this is certainly an understandable factor.

Murano glass processing, some techniques we use

Murano glass processing, some techniques we use

The Murano glass used in our foundries is handcrafted with first processing materials, decorated and engraved, ground glass, lamp glass, and pearls. In our shops, there are products of any type, including collections and characteristic paintings for experts. These products are often recommended for art lovers in general, but more specifically for those who appreciate the sector and the tourists who desire a souvenir of the Venetian lands.


There are many processing techniques used for the realization of our Murano glass products, and all of them try to give uniqueness to each piece. The works of Murano glass are increasingly present on the world’s market. This is the result of the fact that Made in Italy is more and more a symbol of prestige and preciousness.


Various Murano glass objects in the shop

Among the Murano glass objects present in our shop, it is also possible to find multiple sculptures of animals such as horses, owls, and many other representations. There are also sculptures with a three-dimensional effect in abstract form to decorate the most elegant corners of the buildings. Then there are also the chandeliers, which stand out for their preciousness.


Then some pieces belong to entire collections, but they can also be purchased individually. In short, it is possible to find really everything, even Murano glass decorations for objects, all to make them even more authentic. Our products can also be purchased for events such as Baptisms, Communions, or Weddings, where the day is crowned with a precious Murano glass favor.


Custom Murano glass products

In our shop, you can choose to customize your products and your ideas can become real, thanks to the manual work of our glassmakers. A wide range of products will then be available, whether they are engraved, painted, or with a personalized phrase chosen by the customer. These works are authentic, made with extreme dedication, and have the certificate attached, a sign of the originality of the artifact. Then there are the lamps and many other objects in the lighting category, obviously made with handcrafted glass lampwork. The latter represents the oldest and best-known technique on the island of Murano. There are different shapes and sizes, and they can all be completed with decorations in 24kt gold or 925 silver.


Therefore, tradition embraces innovation for a modern style which, however, does not leave behind the history of Venetian glass. Murano glass chandeliers are also highly sought after, which is why our shop is always stocked with these products. Furthermore, you can find lanterns, Murano ceiling lights, and various wall lamps, in a modern or vintage style, always with the possibility of customization chosen by the client. In our products made of Murano glass, hence, you can appreciate the greatest passion and skill of the master craftsmen.

Murano glass, tradition, and innovation for our products

Murano glass, tradition, and innovation for our products

The history of glass has very ancient origins that we often love to combine with innovative techniques and materials used for protection. According to some traditions, the first glasses originated from the waste in the metal casting processes. To date, artistic glass is a symbol of the city of Venice thanks to the wonderful first-choice materials. Our glass masters show great growth and variation of glass processing procedures, thus arriving at a type of innovative design and unmistakable purity.


Thanks to all that has been mentioned above, the glasses we process manage to achieve subtlety, unique, and inimitable beauty. Among the most coveted objects of our collections, we find decorations, used above all to embellish tables and environments of homes or professional studios of rich Europeans. The union of tradition with innovation, therefore, has led to the achievement of an increasingly refined and high-class craftsmanship, while maintaining full respect for the tradition of Murano glass.


The processing of Murano glass

Our creations are multiple and different, developed with dedication and commitment by the master craftsmen. In fact, in the collections of the online shop, you can find everything, starting from jewels that enrich your body, to paintings that embellish the warmest walls of the house, conference rooms, or even, inside a hotel lobby, up to get to various objects.


The glass of our foundries undergoes an elaborate manufacturing process, resulting from the mixing and transformation of raw materials. These are then joined by consolidants and dyes to be dissolved in the oven and then moved on to modeling the glass. Once the cold temperature is reached, we proceed with the sanding and customizations of Murano glass. Glass engraving is performed in our specialized laboratories where we work specifically to decorate all our products in the collections and beyond in a specialized manner.


All Murano glass objects available in the shop

Among the products most coveted by collectors, there are glass goblets, bottles, Venetian mirrors, elegantly colored vases, lamps of precious Venetian glass, and many others. These are our highly sought-after works, as they give a touch of class in any context, highly coveted by art lovers but also by tourists or collection experts. They are artifacts that differ in class, style, and the high quality of our materials that help our pieces being objects of unmatched value.


Many of these are made with the blowing technique and the glass fusing technique. That is with careful manual processing, which involves the cutting and joining of several pieces of glass, which, located in special ovens, become fluid. The subsequent cooling step grants the opportunity to produce fascinating artifacts, as mentioned above, including sculptures, lamps, and plates. The result can just be amazing, giving a touch of class not only to those who choose them but also to the pages of our shops.

The traditional Venetian goths by VDA Borella

VDA tumblers: new stabilised roses party favours

Stabilised roses party favours, Murano glass furnishing accessories, tableware, wedding presents, corporate gifts…the most diverse artistic creations take shape with VDA Borella’s magic. The union of wise, handmade work of master glassmakers with the delicate arrangement of roses and stabilised lichen gives life to your desires.

Among the new creations by VDA Borella, the artistic collections of tumblers are noteworthy, particularly appreciated for their versatility: thanks to floral decorations, our tumblers are often chosen as stabilised roses party favours, as centerpieces for special events, as well as luxury gift ideas and furnishing accessories. 

Tumblers as stabilised roses party favours

The history of Murano glass tumblers has its roots in the life of the ancient glassmasters: the goti de fornase (“tumblers of the furnace” in venetian dialect) were crafted and used to drink by masters during the hard work in the furnace. The goti were modeled with hot vitreous paste, without paying attention to the perfection of the form. Today these irregular shaped creations are considered precious objects, very popular and sought after all over the world.

VDA Borella’s tumblers reinterpret the venetian tradition of goti de fornase by merging Murano glass charm with a beautiful arrangement of stabilised roses. This is how Goti Acquavita and Goti Aseo were born.

Goti Acquavita and Goti Aseo

Goti Acquavita are handmade by our masters, in the respect of the traditional craftsmanship of goti de fornase, with murrine millefiori, silver and polychrome canes poured on the inside. The floral decoration, a work of our florists, turns them into stabilised roses party favours: the lively beauty of these goti is perfect for weddings or special events that you want to remember forever.

Goti Aseo are characterised by a regular shape and the pastel shades of blue, green, white and red, recalled by the composition of roses. For these goti, the masters used the incalmo technique – the same of ca’ Rizzi vase – which consists of the combination of glasses of different colours welded together while hot. Goti Aseo are mostly chosen to decorate table during special events.

Discover our tableware: choose your favorite.

Paintings in Murano glass, the art to admire

Paintings in Murano glass, the art to admire

The paintings in Murano glass are worked with the glass fusing technique or even engraved by hand. Paintings require the glass to be not excessively thin, or it would break. However, it is an elegant and refined technique that for years has seen an increase in collectors of Murano glass paintings, exclusive works of art to decorate the walls of their home. These products are majestic, and for this reason, many lovers of the sector are ready to welcome them on the walls of their homes or a large conference room.


The production of bas-relief paintings in Murano glass is an artistic branch of the great glassmakers. The processing of these Venetian glass products is carried out by our expert’s hands, which over the years have perfected this technique, making it succeed all over the world. The Murano glass paintings evoke memories and adorn walls giving them an inimitable personality, adding a real piece of art to a room in a modern and elegant perspective. Frequently, at the edges of it, some prints make the print easy to hang on the wall without having to place it in a special frame. However, there is also the possibility of framing it, which will ensure that the artifact is even more embellished.


The creation of Murano glass paintings

The paintings in Murano glass are made through small pieces of glass of irregular size between them. These will then converge thanks to our workmanship, to give rise to a spectacular combination, a sort of mosaic painting, with a thousand reflections and a typical three-dimensional effect. This represents an original technique, the result of the work of two different professions: that of our glassmaker and that of the painter.


Only thanks to this cooperation, it is possible to conceive remarkable works. Our Murano glass paintings are present in the online shop and depict different movements of colored glass, immersed in a play of light that could not be made if not for this extraordinary combination between two distinct professional figures, but at the same time close together.


Collectors of Murano glass paintings

The original Murano glass products have a cost that is often sustained by the most experienced collectors. All this, because our works are luxury and therefore desired all over the world. However, we must keep in mind that many are willing to buy unique pieces made on commission to increase their value even more.


The materials of our products are of the first choice, aimed at improving and making their creation unique. For example, millefiori glass is often used together with 24 karat gold or pure silver. All to make these artistic works a memory that remains forever, preserved, and handed down from generation to generation. To find out about our works, check out our online shop and choose the most desired products.

Murano glass jewels, our precious objects to wear

Murano glass jewels, our precious objects to wear

The Murano glass jewels represent real unrepeatable and original works. Refined artifacts that are part of the history of the most magnificent Italian artisan costume jewelry. This is how Murano glass embraces a new identity that travels beyond different cultures. Thanks to a recent and creative design, mixed with the typical Venetian craftsmanship techniques, we create coveted and exclusive Murano glass jewels, unique items entirely handmade with excellent quality.


Among the most desired jewels, we find necklaces in silver or gold with decorations in Murano glass. This raw material is a symbol of exclusivity because no object can be equal to another, despite being made with the same processing technique. And it is precisely this that makes the jewel different from the others. The jewels in question are handmade with original Murano glass and 925 silver finishes, gold, or hypoallergenic materials. The prominence of our Murano glass masters, thanks also to their ancient technique and meticulous design, distinguishes the originality of the jewels.


Murano glass pendants from our online shop

The pendants of these necklaces can also be made with personalized phrases and engravings that make the project unique and unrepeatable. However, for these objects to be engraved, they do not have to be too thin as they could break during processing. At the end of the process, the Murano glass pendant will have a wonderful three-dimensional effect.


The pendants in Venetian glass have relevant and unique peculiarities, impossible to find in other materials. Whether it’s necklaces, bracelets, or other types of jewelry, they are always highly desired because of their uniqueness and the elegance transmitted by who wears them. In our shop, there are several collections full of precious objects with a high emotional value.


The art of Murano glass jewelry, our strength

Attention to our products is always to the maximum and above all, we try to choose the best materials with care and attention. We do so to deal with great production to reach a unique product. On the island, our glass masters work carefully and committedly, to continue to pass on the history of Murano glass, adapting to modern requests, such as the creation of jewels.


They produce bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and other jewels thanks to the powerful and expanding demand. Their task is to create a work of art that will then be shown not only on our online shop. These are works to be worn and handed down from generation to generation, made with different techniques, with meticulous workmanship, carried out manually. Once cooled, the jewels and all the Murano glassworks take their real shape, making us admire their wonder. These art pieces come from nothing more than the artist’s soul who will work according to the instructions submitted by the client.

Creations in Murano glass, all our precious objects

Our foundries generate Murano glass. They have been offering their professionalism for years and have a considerable background in the sector. The characteristic that makes our handcrafted Murano glass unique products in the world is the faultless exceptionality of the workmanship.

They are made only and exclusively with quality raw materials, using specific processing techniques that have remained unchanged over the centuries. In our online shop and beyond, countless collections allow all customers to choose a wide range of objects in authentic Venetian glass.

Murano glass necklaces in the shop

Murano glass is a symbol of exclusivity, as no object is the same as the other. Venetian mirrors, collectible glass goblets, bottles, vases, Christmas balls, earrings, and much more, are all modern and exclusive objects.

Our jewels in the shop are made fully by hand with original Murano glass, with finishes in 925 silver, gold, and other hypoallergenic materials. These necklaces are produced through an ancient Venetian process. Some of them can be made with personalized pendants and text, which makes the product unique literally.

These necklaces are very coveted, especially by tourists, who love them as souvenirs. Besides, there are products made with particular Murano glass beads through the lampwork technique. Each of them is individually designed by hand in our foundries to create perfect and elegant necklaces and other jewels.

Not only for lovers looking for a classy object to wear during a special event, but also to wear them every day, conveying refinement. We believe it is essential to include in the shop only and exclusively high quality and original products.

Authentic Murano glass frames and paintings

In addition to classic Murano glass jewels, we offer several Murano glass objects. Among these, there are also some fascinating frames to decorate your memories with luxurious products, to spread this art all around the world. The frames in question are the items most purchased in any period and can also be decorated or fully covered in silver or gold leaf. The latter are therefore particular and appreciated products as a simple but elegant gift at the same time.

In addition to the frames, there are also other popular products, such as our paintings. For years they have been used to enrich places of greater thickness.

The latter can be in transparent crystal, colored, and also with a three-dimensional effect, something unique and especially appreciated in large places such as conference rooms. These are unique in-store pieces thanks to the handwork of each object in our foundries.

And this is precisely our strength, exclusive and handmade manufacturing that represents a matchless and lasting art handed down from generation to generation.

Murrine, an ancient technique with magical colors.

Murano glass vases crafted with Murrine technique are some of the finest in the world. Coloured, lively, eye-catching, these artistic creations are the result of long and complicated work by skilled master glassmakers, keepers of an ancient knowledge handed down from one generation to the next from the earliest times.

What is the story of this ancient art?

The Murrine technique seems to be originally from Alexandria (I a.C- I d.C.). It is said that, in 61 b.C, Pompeo was in the possession of some murrino glass vases from the aegyptian city, known as “murrha”. However, the origin of this art goes back to Phoenician craftsmenship: with geometric pattern glass rods the phoenician masters molded the vases, intended for the preserving of perfumes such as myrrh, from which those vases took their name.

The ancient art of murrino vases fell into disuse during the Middle Ages. However in the XV century, the unparalleled master glassmakers in Murano rediscovered and revisited it by introducing the custom of melt sections of canna rosetta, characterised by concentric glass layers of different colours. The technique was then refined and revived in the second half of the nineteenth century, when, during the most difficult period in their history, master glassmakers decided to overcome the crisis by reviving this ancient adapting it to the fashion of the times.

The ancient technique consisted in laying small glass pieces of various colours and shapes prepared beforehand on a slab when cold, following a certain design. These glass pieces were then gradually heated so as to obtained a multicoloured mosaic. The novelty introduced by the nineteenth-century masters was the millefiori rods, made of concentric glass layers of various colours crafted together with a star-shaped or flower-shaped mould. When it had cooled down, the rod was cut into cylindrical segments, i.e. the Murrine, which were then added to the glassmaking process.

The resumed technique is still today considered one of the most beautiful and complex in the venetian glass art, capable of giving birth to extraordinary artworks.

With the same techniques, master glassmakers by VDA Borella crafted some of the most beloved works among our collections, such as Torete vase and Abazia goblet. Their lively colours are enhanced by the shades of stabilised roses compositions, from the gaudiest to the softest, according to the required effect.

Discover now our Murano glass and stabilised roses creations: bring home the very crafts of Venice.

The twentieth century: the great glass masters.

The processing of Murano glass suffered a severe crisis during the nineteenth century due to both strong competition from Bohemian glass and the heavy taxation of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the new ruler of Venice. Fortunately, the crisis did not last long: with the beginning of the new century, the art of Murano glass will return to its former glory.

The period of the early twentieth century was crossed by the artistic movement of Art Nouveau, better known in Italy as the Art Nouveau style. The renewed interest in Murano glass was also linked to the spread of this new artistic style: in fact, Art Nouveau will soon influence every existing art form, including the production of Murano glass.

However, it will be the exhibition at the 1914 Biennale to revive artistic creations in glass: in fact, artists such as Vittorio Toso Borella, Vittorio Zecchin, Salviati, Carlo Moretti and Seguso, the latter already honored by Gabriele D. ‘Announcement in his masterpiece “Il Fuoco” (1900).

A new glass factory, established in 1921, first established the role of artistic director: it was the Venini glass factory, known at the time as Cappellin & Venini, which chose master Vittorio Zecchin as artistic director. Venini was the first company to introduce this innovation, but the others soon followed suit.

In addition to the famous glass mosaic plates of 1914, the works of the master Zecchin in the following years were characterized by the lightness and transparency of the material, a trait that will also mark the artistic creations of Venini, which in the 1920s were worked with colored glass and transparent and then, in the 1930s, it came to pulegoso glass, or characterized by the inclusion of air bubbles (the puleghe), signed by the artist Napoleone Martinuzzi, artistic director of the company since 1931.

As a sign of the great resumption of Murano glass processing were the numerous collaborations of the artists with the glass productions of the time, such as Umberto Bellotto, Carlo Scarpa or Guido Cadorin. The participation of glass artists in exhibitions and biennials is also increasing.

The fortunate rebirth did not go through periods of crisis with the Second World War. The reinterpretation of Murano glass, its reinterpretation in the light of the changing times, remained constant. In the 1950s and 1960s, the techniques of submerged glass, composed of overlapping layers, by Flavio Poli, or heavy glass by Giulio Radi, stood out. Venini will instead make a recovery of traditional techniques, such as filigree, murrina and incalmo.

Born in more recent times, VDA Borella is part of the Murano glass processing for its innovations: the glass masters work the glass following the ancient millenary wisdom, model the most varied forms to give life to truly unique furnishing accessories . It is the combination with floral art, with stabilized roses and lichens, luxury flowers and plants, that gives the magic of nature to a design faithful to the traditional Murano glass art.

How to recognize the authentic Murano glass.

Murano glass is an artistic material of great value. As a result of the skilled work of professional master glassmakers, keepers of an ancient, artisanal tradition handed down from one generation to the next, Murano glass has become the symbol of history and art of Venice since ancient times, as we saw in the previous articles.

In Murano, in Venice and in the neighbouring areas there are various furnaces and manufacturing of Murano glass artistic creations. Although it has existed for centuries, glass processing has not changed: despite the technological progress, the processing of this precious material has remained purely artisanal, and it is precisely by the skilled hands of masters that the vitreous material transforms into a work of art, guided by the masters’ creative flair.

It happens more and more often around the world to come across shops selling glass items pretending to be authentic Murano glass products. Murano glass is an artwork, born of hard artisanal work: peddling fakes for these artistic creations is degrading as well as offensive both for the professionalism of the masters glassmakers and for the tradition and history of Venice.

Here some tips on how to recognize the authentic Murano glass.

Pay attention to the price

Murano glass is a luxury item: it is not affordable for all budgets. A handcrafted and artistic creation in Murano glass has a price coherent with the production work. In addition to glass, the masters also use other precious materials for decorations, such as gold leaf, silver leaf, or platinum, which, like glass, have a very specific cost. It is therefore not possible for an object in Murano glass to cost a few euros: in this case it is clearly a matter of low style imitations.

Irregularities and imprecisions

Every creation in authentic Murano glass is unique and unparalleled because it is rigorously hand-made. Therefore, it is impossible to find two perfectly equal hand-made objects: very often, a Murano glass work has an irregular shape, imperfections or bubbles inside.

Certificate of authenticity

To protect Murano glass, the Veneto region has established an official collective mark that certifies the origin of glass products. The trademark Vetro Artistico® is legally recognized with the law n.70 of December 23rd 1994, and, since 2001, managed by the Consorzio Promovetro. However, many producers, including VDA Borella, independently certify their own creations precisely to guarantee a vast selection of Murano glass works; moreover, many artists have never participated in the consortium described above and many of their works, made before its foundation, do not bear the official mark. VDA Borella, like other self-employed artisans, for each product always issues a certificate of authenticity and origin that certifies its geographical origin and the high standards of craftsmanship.

The artistic creations of VDA Borella combine Murano glass with another luxury item, i.e. stabilised roses and lichen. These natural elements, protected by stabilisation, present a manufacturing process that requires the same patience and dedication as glass: indeed, as well as the glass, for these flowers and for these plants the price cannot be low. To protect its luxury creations, VDA Borella has registered the design that sees the union of Murano glass with stabilised roses as well as stabilised lichen, moss and other stabilised vegetal.

Have you understood how to recognize the authentic Murano glass? Take a look at our artistic collections.