Murano Glass

Creations in Murano glass, all our precious objects

Our foundries generate Murano glass. They have been offering their professionalism for years and have a considerable background in the sector. The characteristic that makes our handcrafted Murano glass unique products in the world is the faultless exceptionality of the workmanship.

They are made only and exclusively with quality raw materials, using specific processing techniques that have remained unchanged over the centuries. In our online shop and beyond, countless collections allow all customers to choose a wide range of objects in authentic Venetian glass.

Murano glass necklaces in the shop

Murano glass is a symbol of exclusivity, as no object is the same as the other. Venetian mirrors, collectible glass goblets, bottles, vases, Christmas balls, earrings, and much more, are all modern and exclusive objects.

Our jewels in the shop are made fully by hand with original Murano glass, with finishes in 925 silver, gold, and other hypoallergenic materials. These necklaces are produced through an ancient Venetian process. Some of them can be made with personalized pendants and text, which makes the product unique literally.

These necklaces are very coveted, especially by tourists, who love them as souvenirs. Besides, there are products made with particular Murano glass beads through the lampwork technique. Each of them is individually designed by hand in our foundries to create perfect and elegant necklaces and other jewels.

Not only for lovers looking for a classy object to wear during a special event, but also to wear them every day, conveying refinement. We believe it is essential to include in the shop only and exclusively high quality and original products.

Authentic Murano glass frames and paintings

In addition to classic Murano glass jewels, we offer several Murano glass objects. Among these, there are also some fascinating frames to decorate your memories with luxurious products, to spread this art all around the world. The frames in question are the items most purchased in any period and can also be decorated or fully covered in silver or gold leaf. The latter are therefore particular and appreciated products as a simple but elegant gift at the same time.

In addition to the frames, there are also other popular products, such as our paintings. For years they have been used to enrich places of greater thickness.

The latter can be in transparent crystal, colored, and also with a three-dimensional effect, something unique and especially appreciated in large places such as conference rooms. These are unique in-store pieces thanks to the handwork of each object in our foundries.

And this is precisely our strength, exclusive and handmade manufacturing that represents a matchless and lasting art handed down from generation to generation.