Decorate your table with Murano glass

With the new Vetro da Amare’s collections you can decorate your table with the art and elegance that distinguish the Venetian tradition. Coloured tumblers, cutlery trays enriched with gold and platinum and colourful stabilised roses immediately give a touch of personality to every mise en place.

The tableware collection by VdA represents a novelty in the company’s furnishing accessories panorama, but it is animated by the same philosophy: the pursuit of uniqueness.

Murano glass centerpieces

Within the tableware collection, the Murano glass tumblers stand out, especially the Goti Acquavita. The Goti Acquavita, a clear tribute to the Venetian tradition of the goti de fornasa, are characterized by very bright colours and by the characteristic irregular shape, which identifies these products as handcrafted. These creations, enriched by an arrangement of preserved roses, luxury flowers, are particularly suitable as centerpieces during special events: a party, a wedding, a graduation party…The Goti Acquavita, enlighted by the wonderful colours of Murrine millefiori, can create a joyful atmosphere.

Cutlery trays with stabilised roses

Born from a very original idea, the VdA cutlery trays are the perfect accessories to decorate the table with style and elegance. Painstakingly crafted by skilled master glassmakers, these cutlery trays are hand-decorated by a talented artist with liquid gold and platinum and embellished even more with the addition of a small composition of stabilised roses, the company signature.

The cutlery trays can be customised on request both for the colour of stabilised roses and for the decoration: for instance, if chosen for a wedding dinner, the cutlery trays can be decorated with the initials of the newlyweds or with the wedding date.

Widmann and Pisani carafes and tumblers

Delicate, refined, sophisticated, the products of the Widmann and Pisani lines are artistic creations of ethereal beauty. These creations are handmade in Murano glass and then decorated with fusible enamels and gold leaf to reproduce Christmas or idyllic scenes. However, it is the addition of the small vegetal composition within each product that makes them truly special: carafes and tumblers of these collections can be used as centerpieces as well or they can be used as graceful luxury party favours to offer to our guests.

The ideas to decorate