When security embraces elegance: the elegant customized packaging of Vetro da Amare

An artwork demands an appropriate package: beautiful and, above all, safe and strong.

However, when it comes to shipping, it is not easy to find the perfect solution that guarantees both of these features.

Because of the exceptional fragility of Murano glass and stabilised roses, Vetro da Amare studied the perfect solution to send your purchase in total security and elegance.

What are the advantages of our packages?


Our packages have been developed and tested in order to guarantee a safe shipment to your purchase.

Each box features twin protective layers: first, the product is encased in a custom-formed polystyrene shell, which holds the arrangement in place; secondly, this shell itself is placed in a triple-wall cardboard box and packed with more polystyrene.

This solution does not damage the roses.

The beauty

We decided to stand out from the crowd not just for the value and the originality of the products but for the details too.

One of these is the look of our packaging. A high quality item can’t be delivered covered by sheets of newspaper or in a polystyrene box.

Our package resembles the fancy box of an engagement ring, entirely covered by velvet.

A pleasant memory

Once the purchase is received, the packaging is quickly forgetten.

With our boxes, this won’t happen for sure.

As soon as you will receive your order, you will be amazed by the beauty of both the product and the box.