Our Ethics

VDA makes dreams come true with glass, gold and roses: in every creative step, it puts its mastery at the disposal of the customers’ wishes, to create an exclusive work of art that knows how to tell their emotions.

To date our works are chosen as corporate gifts of great value, as wedding gifts, but also as unparalleled furnishings, capable of giving a touch of Italian elegance to any home.

Working only under request, the company guarantees a service capable of fulfilling every request: all items are created according to the customers’ choices regarding colors and dedications.

A process that requires time, dedication and passion: it is the realization of a dream.

In the artisans’ workshops the creative spell takes shape. The masters of glass forge each item in the furnace fire, working it entirely by hand, respecting the secrets of Murano glass art.

The skilled hands of the master decorator, with meticulous and delicate movements, add the emotion of a love dedication, enhanced by the preciousness of the gold graffiti.

The talent of the master framer shapes the most precious wood to create unique frames, which enclose the refined paintings in an embrace.

The flower designers conclude the work with the magic of stabilized roses, natural roses that, like in a photograph, are crystallized at the moment of their maximum beauty.

From the union between the art of glass and the skilful decorative hand of the artisans, unique and original works are born, a symbol of the true Made in Italy that the whole world loves.

For its shrewd and elegant customers, Vetro da Amare has created a package worthy of a work of art: a splendid custom-made box, covered with burgundy velvet, which protects and elegantly accompanies the creations during their journey.

A package that contains, like a precious casket, your desires.