cornice artigianale in legno di obeche decorata

The collection of VDA paintings, the work of the union of different artisan skills, is enriched by the splendor of handmade wooden frames.

Inside his workshop, the master framer designs, creates and perfects his frames from time to time: entirely handmade by the master, the frames of Vetro da Amare are in fine Obeche or Fir wood and are subjected to more refined manufacturing techniques.

The frames, all custom made, are different and can be chosen by the customer.

Enriched by 23.3 carat pure gold leaf, manually gilded by the master, designed to accommodate a sumptuous composition of stabilized roses, or simply presented in the primordial purity of the wood:

the frames of Vetro da Amare are small masterpieces of rare beauty that enclose in an embrace the refined paintings and mirrors in Murano glass.

The splendid frames with stabilized roses are now protected by the registered model.