Gold decorations: a tale of the most authentic art.

Vetro da Amare’s gold decorations are the result of a gifted artist who, with talent and devotion, embellishes Murano glass items, communicating emotions.

Gold decorations, jewel in the crown of  Vetro da Amare, are entrusted to the skilled hands of a master decorator.

The experience, talent and passion of this artisan contribute to the creation of breathtakingly dedications and decorations.

Each step of the creative magic is achieved with passion and the utmost attention: with deft, sinuous movements, the master writes on the chosen item the words of a dedication, that speak of love and gratitude.

For this specific step, the most suitable technique is the liquid 24 carat gold: transformed into a liquid state, the gold, bend to the master’s will, tell a precious story, like in the graceful Murano glass Hearts.

With meticulous and accurate movements, the artisan complete every detail of the decoration, with the same devotion dedicated to a masterpiece.

For the decoration of the Bucentaur, an art glass creation which illustrates a superb representation of the Venetian Republic’s state barge, the master uses fusible enamels fired into the “muffola” furnace (“mufoea” in venetian dialect), once the creation is done, and 24 carat Gold leaf.

Vetro da Amare’s gold decorations require precise, refined and secrets techniques that only a skillful and expert artisan, holder of a centuries-old knowledge, can take full advantage, with a craftsmanship worthy of an authentic work of art.

Vetro da Amare’s decorative art represents only one of the various main strengths that make these creations unique: to know more about our strenghts, read the articles about stabilised roses and Murano glass production.