Murano Glass

Murano glass jewels, our precious objects to wear

Murano glass jewels, our precious objects to wear

The Murano glass jewels represent real unrepeatable and original works. Refined artifacts that are part of the history of the most magnificent Italian artisan costume jewelry. This is how Murano glass embraces a new identity that travels beyond different cultures. Thanks to a recent and creative design, mixed with the typical Venetian craftsmanship techniques, we create coveted and exclusive Murano glass jewels, unique items entirely handmade with excellent quality.


Among the most desired jewels, we find necklaces in silver or gold with decorations in Murano glass. This raw material is a symbol of exclusivity because no object can be equal to another, despite being made with the same processing technique. And it is precisely this that makes the jewel different from the others. The jewels in question are handmade with original Murano glass and 925 silver finishes, gold, or hypoallergenic materials. The prominence of our Murano glass masters, thanks also to their ancient technique and meticulous design, distinguishes the originality of the jewels.


Murano glass pendants from our online shop

The pendants of these necklaces can also be made with personalized phrases and engravings that make the project unique and unrepeatable. However, for these objects to be engraved, they do not have to be too thin as they could break during processing. At the end of the process, the Murano glass pendant will have a wonderful three-dimensional effect.


The pendants in Venetian glass have relevant and unique peculiarities, impossible to find in other materials. Whether it’s necklaces, bracelets, or other types of jewelry, they are always highly desired because of their uniqueness and the elegance transmitted by who wears them. In our shop, there are several collections full of precious objects with a high emotional value.


The art of Murano glass jewelry, our strength

Attention to our products is always to the maximum and above all, we try to choose the best materials with care and attention. We do so to deal with great production to reach a unique product. On the island, our glass masters work carefully and committedly, to continue to pass on the history of Murano glass, adapting to modern requests, such as the creation of jewels.


They produce bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and other jewels thanks to the powerful and expanding demand. Their task is to create a work of art that will then be shown not only on our online shop. These are works to be worn and handed down from generation to generation, made with different techniques, with meticulous workmanship, carried out manually. Once cooled, the jewels and all the Murano glassworks take their real shape, making us admire their wonder. These art pieces come from nothing more than the artist’s soul who will work according to the instructions submitted by the client.