Jewelry, Murano Glass

Murano glass jewels, the gift for every occasion

Murano glass jewels are now the history of glass processing in Venice. For years, these wonderful and precious artifacts have been produced in master craftsmen’s workshops and appreciated all around the world. With time, however, more efforts are being made to merge tradition with innovation to finally face the generations of today. For these types of products, we start from the handcrafted costume jewelry in Murano glass, specially designed to give color and be worn at any time of the day.

There are other glass jewels, perhaps with gold or silver finishes that further embellish the workmanship and the object itself. Each Murano glass jewel has its personality and is often the result of the customer’s request to the workshop craftsman. We work a lot on customization and talk about processes designed specifically by the experts to offer the best Murano glass products. Many Venetian glass collections are made entirely in the imagination of the craftsman, who combines the right techniques and the right colors to create a real masterpiece.

The processing of Venetian glass jewels

The processing of Murano glass jewels is with no doubt the most interesting phase since it is here that the fusion between tradition, therefore with processing techniques, and innovation takes place. The latter will have to follow the new fashion trends to maintain the expression of timeless Venetian craftsmanship and, above all, to keep the name of the Italian design of these precious objects high.

Murano glass jewels are a success, they are more and more appreciated all over the world. These Murano glass artifacts do not have an expiry date and are always appreciable and can be purchased according to your tastes. Each of them gives value to an item of clothing and is part of the entire outfit, not to mention the class they give to the person who wears them. The key to the success of Murano glass jewelry, however, lies in the fact that it is always possible to follow a modern and essential design, without falling into excess. Even wearing the entire collection does not give a bad feeling, it gives completeness to the figure.

Collections of Murano glass jewels, design and tradition

As mentioned above, Murano glass jewels can also give elegance with the combination of entire collections. If one thinks of costume jewelry or gold and silver jewelry with Murano glass finishes, one cannot fail to refer to the great artisan tradition of glass and the high class. The entire collection of Venetian glass jewelry has always been the flagship of tourists, but also of fans of the sector. Every year numerous customers love to visit the shops to bring home entire collections of Murano glass artifacts.

These not only include handcrafted jewels but also paintings, sculptures, and other products entirely handmade by master shopkeepers. These are artifacts, but unique and refined objects never exaggerated with spectacular illustrations. The color combinations are then specifically designed to please customers and offer the best experience. Wearing a collection of Murano glass jewels is comparable to a real experience. Behind wonderful objects, there is always a story or an episode to tell. If you are interested in discovering the world of Murano glass jewelry, VDA Borella offers a wide range of products that can be sold both individually and with the entire collection. All you have to do is visit the site and discover the product that best suits your tastes to choose the right gift for friends, relatives, or why not, even for yourself. You may not resist the charm of Murano glass, and this is certainly an understandable factor.