Murano Glass

Murano glass processing, some techniques we use

Murano glass processing, some techniques we use

The Murano glass used in our foundries is handcrafted with first processing materials, decorated and engraved, ground glass, lamp glass, and pearls. In our shops, there are products of any type, including collections and characteristic paintings for experts. These products are often recommended for art lovers in general, but more specifically for those who appreciate the sector and the tourists who desire a souvenir of the Venetian lands.


There are many processing techniques used for the realization of our Murano glass products, and all of them try to give uniqueness to each piece. The works of Murano glass are increasingly present on the world’s market. This is the result of the fact that Made in Italy is more and more a symbol of prestige and preciousness.


Various Murano glass objects in the shop

Among the Murano glass objects present in our shop, it is also possible to find multiple sculptures of animals such as horses, owls, and many other representations. There are also sculptures with a three-dimensional effect in abstract form to decorate the most elegant corners of the buildings. Then there are also the chandeliers, which stand out for their preciousness.


Then some pieces belong to entire collections, but they can also be purchased individually. In short, it is possible to find really everything, even Murano glass decorations for objects, all to make them even more authentic. Our products can also be purchased for events such as Baptisms, Communions, or Weddings, where the day is crowned with a precious Murano glass favor.


Custom Murano glass products

In our shop, you can choose to customize your products and your ideas can become real, thanks to the manual work of our glassmakers. A wide range of products will then be available, whether they are engraved, painted, or with a personalized phrase chosen by the customer. These works are authentic, made with extreme dedication, and have the certificate attached, a sign of the originality of the artifact. Then there are the lamps and many other objects in the lighting category, obviously made with handcrafted glass lampwork. The latter represents the oldest and best-known technique on the island of Murano. There are different shapes and sizes, and they can all be completed with decorations in 24kt gold or 925 silver.


Therefore, tradition embraces innovation for a modern style which, however, does not leave behind the history of Venetian glass. Murano glass chandeliers are also highly sought after, which is why our shop is always stocked with these products. Furthermore, you can find lanterns, Murano ceiling lights, and various wall lamps, in a modern or vintage style, always with the possibility of customization chosen by the client. In our products made of Murano glass, hence, you can appreciate the greatest passion and skill of the master craftsmen.