Murano Glass

Murano glass, tradition, and innovation for our products

Murano glass, tradition, and innovation for our products

The history of glass has very ancient origins that we often love to combine with innovative techniques and materials used for protection. According to some traditions, the first glasses originated from the waste in the metal casting processes. To date, artistic glass is a symbol of the city of Venice thanks to the wonderful first-choice materials. Our glass masters show great growth and variation of glass processing procedures, thus arriving at a type of innovative design and unmistakable purity.


Thanks to all that has been mentioned above, the glasses we process manage to achieve subtlety, unique, and inimitable beauty. Among the most coveted objects of our collections, we find decorations, used above all to embellish tables and environments of homes or professional studios of rich Europeans. The union of tradition with innovation, therefore, has led to the achievement of an increasingly refined and high-class craftsmanship, while maintaining full respect for the tradition of Murano glass.


The processing of Murano glass

Our creations are multiple and different, developed with dedication and commitment by the master craftsmen. In fact, in the collections of the online shop, you can find everything, starting from jewels that enrich your body, to paintings that embellish the warmest walls of the house, conference rooms, or even, inside a hotel lobby, up to get to various objects.


The glass of our foundries undergoes an elaborate manufacturing process, resulting from the mixing and transformation of raw materials. These are then joined by consolidants and dyes to be dissolved in the oven and then moved on to modeling the glass. Once the cold temperature is reached, we proceed with the sanding and customizations of Murano glass. Glass engraving is performed in our specialized laboratories where we work specifically to decorate all our products in the collections and beyond in a specialized manner.


All Murano glass objects available in the shop

Among the products most coveted by collectors, there are glass goblets, bottles, Venetian mirrors, elegantly colored vases, lamps of precious Venetian glass, and many others. These are our highly sought-after works, as they give a touch of class in any context, highly coveted by art lovers but also by tourists or collection experts. They are artifacts that differ in class, style, and the high quality of our materials that help our pieces being objects of unmatched value.


Many of these are made with the blowing technique and the glass fusing technique. That is with careful manual processing, which involves the cutting and joining of several pieces of glass, which, located in special ovens, become fluid. The subsequent cooling step grants the opportunity to produce fascinating artifacts, as mentioned above, including sculptures, lamps, and plates. The result can just be amazing, giving a touch of class not only to those who choose them but also to the pages of our shops.