Murano Glass

Murano glass treasures for your locations.

In the Venice area, interior designers are choosing Murano glass artistic creations of VDA Borella: our talented artesans give birth to wonderful, refined and original glass creations which communicates the magic within every location.

Moreover, the delicate charm of stabilised roses capture the essence of an endless beauty that, combines with Murano glass elegance, transform a simple object into a dream.

VDA Borella glass creations are delicate and fragile, just like dreams: the same care and attention dedicated to the manufacturing process is required the future possessors, in order to guard the original beauty of their artworks with devotion.

VDA Borella’s expertise guarantees the right advices in matter of interior decor: let yourself be inspired by our ideas on combining Murano glass with your indoor.

A hotel lobby

Thin, sinuous vases are particularly suitable for enhance indoor like a luxury hotel lobby. For instance, beautiful Villa Ca’ Zane Martin in the Riviera del Brenta chose Rialto vase, icon of classic elegance, to embellish its lobby.

Unforgettable events

In fitting classy events, nothing is left to chance. VDA Borella recommends to use small sized creations, in order to highlight every single detail on the table. Among all VDA Borella’s vases, Ca’ Rizzi is the perfect example: a contemporary vase, made for the exclusive events at the venetian Palazzo Vendramin Calergi.

A dreamy suite

Every suite guards within it, like a treasure chest, the charm of the finest luxury. To add a touch of originality, VDA Borella recommends the endless beauty of Renier: the purity of Murano glass, like a water spring, seems to nourish the marvellous arrangement of roses.

A high-end boutique

High-end boutiques, a glamour triumph, require an interior decoration worthy of their brand. For these special locations, VDA Borella presents the Murano glass court shoes collection: icons of a unique style.

Private homes

To transform a house into a dream it is essential to choose the most exclusive furnishings.

A bedroom or a living room, furnished according to a sophisticated style, are the perfect rooms to accomodate glass creations provided with a more traditional charm, such as Salute vase.

Let yourself be inspired by our collaboration with Villa Ca’ Zane Martin to furnish your hotel with an authentic emotional style.