Murano Glass

Murano glass has extremely ancient origins.

It is said that the first masters in the processing of glass in Venice were the Venetians of the Roman cities on the coast, such as the ancient Altino.

Once moved to the islands of the lagoon, the ancient masters started the legend of Murano glass.

From generation to generation, the secrets of the trade have been kept by the guild of glassmakers inside the furnaces.

It is precisely from the latter that magic is born; various compounds are melted inside the furnaces including silica, obtaining a glass substance of over 1000 degrees.

Before cooling, this becomes soft and malleable giving the master the possibility, with the help of a servant in some processes, to give life to the work.

Among the various techniques used in our products we find the incalmo where different colors of glass are brought together through heat welding.

This technique allows you to create magnificent works characterized by individual pieces of different chromatic shades that blend in a harmonious shape.

Note that not all types of color can be combined due to the different cooling times that would cause their instantaneous breakage.

Another particular feature is the processing with murrine, long glass rods cut into sections with a variable measure of 1-3 cm.

Once completed, these small disks are spread out on a flat surface, where the chosen still burning object is then slid (vase, glass, etc.), making each murrine blend with the still tender paste.

To conclude, each creation is placed inside a muffle, a special oven that gradually decreases the temperature allowing the still burning object not to remain in contact with the external temperature for too long which would cause it to explode given the high difference of degrees.

Today the magic of Murano glass art continues undisturbed in the furnaces of our masters.

VDA entrusts the wishes of its customers to a few trusted experts who, thanks to their centuries-old knowledge and inimitable talent, forge works of exceptional beauty in the fire of Venetian furnaces.