Murano Glass

Paintings in Murano glass, the art to admire

Paintings in Murano glass, the art to admire

The paintings in Murano glass are worked with the glass fusing technique or even engraved by hand. Paintings require the glass to be not excessively thin, or it would break. However, it is an elegant and refined technique that for years has seen an increase in collectors of Murano glass paintings, exclusive works of art to decorate the walls of their home. These products are majestic, and for this reason, many lovers of the sector are ready to welcome them on the walls of their homes or a large conference room.


The production of bas-relief paintings in Murano glass is an artistic branch of the great glassmakers. The processing of these Venetian glass products is carried out by our expert’s hands, which over the years have perfected this technique, making it succeed all over the world. The Murano glass paintings evoke memories and adorn walls giving them an inimitable personality, adding a real piece of art to a room in a modern and elegant perspective. Frequently, at the edges of it, some prints make the print easy to hang on the wall without having to place it in a special frame. However, there is also the possibility of framing it, which will ensure that the artifact is even more embellished.


The creation of Murano glass paintings

The paintings in Murano glass are made through small pieces of glass of irregular size between them. These will then converge thanks to our workmanship, to give rise to a spectacular combination, a sort of mosaic painting, with a thousand reflections and a typical three-dimensional effect. This represents an original technique, the result of the work of two different professions: that of our glassmaker and that of the painter.


Only thanks to this cooperation, it is possible to conceive remarkable works. Our Murano glass paintings are present in the online shop and depict different movements of colored glass, immersed in a play of light that could not be made if not for this extraordinary combination between two distinct professional figures, but at the same time close together.


Collectors of Murano glass paintings

The original Murano glass products have a cost that is often sustained by the most experienced collectors. All this, because our works are luxury and therefore desired all over the world. However, we must keep in mind that many are willing to buy unique pieces made on commission to increase their value even more.


The materials of our products are of the first choice, aimed at improving and making their creation unique. For example, millefiori glass is often used together with 24 karat gold or pure silver. All to make these artistic works a memory that remains forever, preserved, and handed down from generation to generation. To find out about our works, check out our online shop and choose the most desired products.