The frames represent a very important element in the composition of a painting, the choice could depend on the type of the painting or stabilized floral composition that we are going to frame.

Vetro da Amare uses only Obeche and Fir wood for his works:

-WOOD of OBECHE because it is a light, soft wood with few veins and therefore suitable for various types of processing as in our frame Rachete.

– FIR wood is a very hard, resistant wood that is suitable for simpler types of processing as in our work Maravegie.

The frame is obtained through a first phase with the roughing of the raw wood that takes place inside the carpentry shops and a second where, in the workshops of our craftsmen, we move on to cutting and assembling in the various sizes.

The latter subsequently enrich the frame through a processing in a gold or silver leaf, or alternatively with other finishes required by the customer.

With the choice of the frame, the floral designers of Vetro da Amare will proceed to the creation of a wonderful plant composition, after having carefully chosen the various elements: stabilized roses, lichens, mosses, hydrangeas etc.