Our floral designers have combined the peonies’ elegant charm and the freesia’s simplicity, joining everything with euphorbia chippings and natural materials, to make this arrangement symbol of summer. This artificial flowers bouquet includes an elegant Murano glass vase made by our glass masters.

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-Product packaged with care by professional florists

-They do not require any care or maintenance

-Decorative fake flowers with an extremely real and natural look

-Suitable for any occasion. As a gift or decoration of any interior environment (office, room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom etc.)

-The artificial flowers used are made with high quality material keeping the colors and shape for a long time.

-The stems can be bent or cut to the desired height

-Delivery time between 15 and 20 days

-On request you can buy only the composition of fake flowers, or customize the color of the vase. For any inquiries please contact us.

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Weight1950 g
Dimensions400 × 400 × 500 mm