Luxury piece of furniture for table or wall, completely handmade by our master artisans. The Murano glass frame is enriched by a 24 carat gold leaf. Our master artisans have made, with the engraving technique, the figures of a lady and a gentleman and also a decoration of ornamental curls. In the middle there is a plant composition of lichens, moss, bear grass, diosmi and some wonderful stabilized roses.

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-This frame is “Registered Model”

-Free delivery throughout Italy

-This composition is made to order only and can be customized.

– Handcrafted product. MADE IN ITALY 100%

-These compositions are created by professional florists with the use of stabilized plants and flowers.

-It is kept and packaged in a custom-made packaging

– Delivery time 15/20 days

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Weight2900 g
Dimensions530 × 470 × 550 mm