See the complete catalog of our elegant Murano glass vases-VdABorella. Murano glass cup created with art, completely handmade by our master glassmakers, giving it an exclusive style with the addition of a colorful glass decoration, shaped together with the cup. In a later phase it’s been embellished with the addition of elements that give it the delicacy, elegance and pleasure that are the real stabilized roses. A decorative item that enlivens and gives a touch of creativity and colour in any style of house from the bathroom, to the entrance, to the living room, open spaces and it’s impeccable for an office or study. The enchantment continues…

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-Artistic artisanal creation, made in Italy

-Free shipping in Italy

-Stabilized roses can be customized with the colour’s choice

-Stabilized roses last for years, they don’t need any maintenance and can be replaced

-Guarded, protected and packaged with care and love, in a tailored packaging

-Possible small discrepancies in measures and decorations compared to photographs are one of our products’ qualities since they are completely handmade

-Delivery time between 30 and 40 days

-Contact us for other informations or clarifications

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Weight450 g
Dimensions150 × 160 mm