The traditional figure of Santa Claus has been reproduced in this Venetian red blown glass ball with golden shades. Santa Claus, in this case, is sitting on a pile of wood and, holding a candle in his hand, observes the passage of the Comet Star on the horizon that, with its magical light, illuminates the mountains that surround it. With its soft and suffused colors, this Christmas ball makes a tribute to the craftsmanship and inspiration of our master craftsmen.

This Christmas ball is made of Murano glass with the blowing technique by expert glass master craftsmen, and then hand-decorated by a talented master ornament with the antiquing technique, polychrome enamels, and 24-carat liquid gold fired. The spheres bear the representation of Christmas subjects and are available in 54 different artistic images. Thanks to their elegance and exclusivity, they lend themselves to be original wedding favors, precious Christmas gifts, or refined corporate gifts.

This finely decorated artistic object is housed and preserved inside a brown box and then packaged by expert professionals.

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-Artistic artisanal creation, made in Italy

-The balls can have small colour and drawing differences from the photos since they depend by the master’s fantasy and inventiveness.

-Blown glass is available in different colours

-Delivery time between 5 and 7 days

-Guarded, protected and packaged with care and elegance using natural decorations

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Weight280 g
Dimensions110 mm