Sospiri bridge in Venice

Among our latest Murano glass creations, Sospiri stands out. This wonderful Murano glass mirror is entirely handmade by master craftsmen with the cold engraving technique.

In the middle, the mirror has been further embellished by our flower designers with a graceful arrangement of stabilised roses, flowers and lichen, intended to last through years without any care.

Our artistic creations are inspired by art and nature of our homeland, the Riviera del Brenta and Venice, places full of history and traditions.

With Sospiri vegetal mirror, we decided to honour the Bridge of Sighs in Venice (Ponte dei Sospiri in italian) that links the Doge’s Palace to the New Prisons.


At the end of the XVI century, the Republic of Venice decided to build a new prison beyond the Rio di Palazzo. It was a choice made out of necessity: the old prison inside of the Doge’s Palace was unsafe and too small.

As a consequence, he building of a bridge that linked the Palace to the New Prisons became unavoidable. At the beginning of the XVII century, the project by Antonio Contino was approved and the construction works started by the will of the Doge Marino Grimani.

Project designed by Contino imposed an aery, quick and safe passage to link the first floor of the Doge’s Palace to the second floor of the New Prisons, in order to avoid escape attempts by the prisoners.

The enclosed bridge was built according to the Baroque style, made of white limestone and decorated on the external surfaces with the Doge Grimani’s emblem. Two small stone windows with stone bars allowed to the prisoners the latest, narrow view of the city, with the Ponte della Paglia and San Servolo Island on one side and the back side of the Doge’s Palace and Ponte della Canonica on the other.

The name “Bridge of Sighs” seems to result from the suggestion that prisoners would sigh at their final view of beautiful Venice through the window before being taken down to their cells.