Stabilized Elements

Stabilized roses: an eternal youth

Charming and delicate, stabilised roses are refined flowers that Vetro da Amare’s craftsmen, masters in floral art, chose to combine with the most incredible Murano glass artistic creations.

The choice fell upon this particular type of roses because of the many benefits they allow in the decoration.

Stabilisation. An elixir of eternal youth

Stabilisation is a process that preserves the rose’s original beauty for several years.

The roses are picked by hand in South America in the moment of their maximum splendour. Stabilisation will crystallize their beauty forever, making them eternally young:

by substituting the plant’s natural fluids with glycerin, the process preserves the roses for more than an year, guaranteeing freshness and softness of a natural flower.

Many colours for many desires

Like the spell of a good fairy, the stabilisation prevents stabilised roses from withering, keeping their beauty intact through the years.

The process is well liked by professionals, not just because of the natural look of the flower: the rose, devoid of its natural pigments after the chemical process, can be coloured with different colours.

Vetro da Amare guarantees the customization of the roses among a wide range of almost twenty different colours: saffron yellow, ivory, red, violet, sapphire blue, black…the list is endless.

The skilled artisans craft the prettiest arrangements according to their customers’ desires: solid coloured arrangements, multicoloured arrangements…there is no limits to creativity.


Our stabilised roses

These special roses are very well-loved by flower designers, florists and artists.

They are usually chosen to decorate wedding cakes or tables.

Our company decided for a different use in the interior decor: the delicate arrangement enhances the chosen vase, court shoe, mirror or painting, transforming it from a piece of furniture into a unique masterpiece.

Discover our collections of Murano glass and stabilised roses works: choose your artwork among mirrors, vases, court shoes and paintings.