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Stabilized vegetable paintings, all you need to know

Recently, stabilized plant paintings are depopulating. It is a real design work for lovers of unconventional furniture. As the word itself says, these are representations of trees, flowers, and plants on canvases that are not painted with colors but with vegetation. To achieve this effect, however, it is necessary to subject everything to a particular process that will preserve the plants, trees, or flowers chosen keeping them fresh and beautiful to look at. It is precisely the stabilization process that will make it possible not to always water the work.

One of the main advantages of having paintings stabilized in your home is that of being proud to have something so special and beautiful to look at. It is something innovative and it will gradually widespread, especially in offices and homes where design works reign supreme. These design works have positive and strong visual impacts, but above all, they are safe and perform a sound-absorbing action. All this always if you rely on industry experts. Therefore, they manage to reduce noise pollution if done in the right way.

How to stabilize a vegetal framework?

It may seem strange and tough but to have a stabilized plant picture, you don’t have to mince words, and above all, it’s not what it seems. However, these plants stabilized thanks to the process in question, will last for about 10 years, and will not require any kind of attention or maintenance. That’s the beauty of it. To have a stabilized plant picture, it is, therefore, necessary to subject the chosen plants, flowers, or trees to a kind of embalming. This will happen thanks to special products, a natural glycerin-based blend that will give brightness and will replace the lifeblood of the chosen plants.

Afterward, you can proceed with the desired shape and the realization of the plant framework. These are works that will always appear shiny and cool, this is because it is a technique that has seen the light for about ten years and can offer spectacular design products. So whether it is a type of furniture, walls, or even small sculptures, there is no difference, the stabilization will provide an “evergreen” and luminous effect.

Preserved vegetable paintings: how to choose the right one

Choosing a stabilized plant framework can be difficult, especially if you don’t know what you want for your apartment. However, we must also consider what’s behind this wonderful work, so that it is always advisable to contact experts in the sector. VDA Borella is a specialized company that always manages to satisfy every customer in the best possible way. Stabilized plant paintings are often on request, and it is here that the imagination and the skill of the craftsman will then take shape to this wonderful work.

If you do not know how to choose a beautiful plant painting and which type of plant to stabilize, you may want to contact an interior designer. These will undoubtedly help to find the right solution without falling into excess. You can also choose more types of plants and flowers, there is not only one opportunity for each stabilized plant framework. The bigger the size, the more the plants can be large, or on the contrary, for small spaces, it is advisable to choose plants or flowers that can give a touch of elegance but with delicacy and small dimensions.

At this point, you just have to get an idea and perhaps proceed with a visit to the online shop to choose a stabilized plant product or, why not, begin to understand where to place one of these innovative designs works within your home. You can also consider setting up an entire wall if you like it. In short, with stabilized plant paintings, there is no limit to the imagination. Otherwise, the more you experiment, the better the outcome will be.