The mise en place: how to lay the table with art

Always looking for the most exclusive novelties, VDA Borella launches a new line of products for laying a sophisticated table. Products different from the previous ones, but made with the same philosophy: the research for uniqueness.

At the tables of a restaurant, we rarely pay much attention to the mise en place, yet, nothing is left to chance, especially in the most refined events. Setting the table for a ceremony is not an easy combination of cutlery and plates, but it is a real art that can define the style and elegance of an event.

The rules for laying a beautiful table come from France: since the time of King Louis XIV, there is indeed a definite table etiquette that we still consider a reference model today.

The tablecloth must be in the right shade, the dishes must be aligned about 3 or 5 centimeters from the edge, each guest should have around 80 centimeters of space available. What about the cutlery?

There are different ways to arrange cutlery: French style, with forks on the left and knives on the right, according to the order of use from the outside to the inside; Italian style, with knives on the left and forks on the right. Naturally, there is no more correct solution than the other: it involves different styles of conceiving the aesthetics of the cutlery.

The design of the VDA Borella’s cutlery rests is intended for the most sophisticated events: Setting the table on Christmas with a square cutlery rest and real stabilized red roses that house a knife or fork. Surprise friends at dinner by setting the table with a hand-decorated Murano glass accessory.

Or laying a table for an appetizer with an original Murano glass complement, supplemented by gold and platinum inserts and real stabilized roses with customizable color.

 These are some solutions to lay the table with etiquette. Our products, with customizable colors for the roses, will give a touch of exclusivity and glow to events such as the table for Christmas, the table for refreshments, for baptisms, confirmations, graduations, or any other ceremony.

The real stabilized roses, which distinguish our table accessories, are set with skill and passion by our florists, satisfying the requests and desires of our customers with the choice of the color of the roses, making everything up in an exemplary packaging for exclusive and personal wedding favors.