Silk Flowers

The online sale of artificial flowers.

In our online shop, you will be able to find a complete collection of original artificial flower bouquets, designed, created, and packaged by our expert florists. Artificial flowers that seem real, enrich home or a work environment, making them pleasant with a touch of elegance and color. Without a doubt, fresh flowers are an admirable way to bring the beauty and harmony of nature into a room, but unfortunately, with their short duration and constant need for care, they become an accessory that not everyone can manage daily.

This is one of the reasons why many are increasingly turning to the purchase of quality artificial flowers. Since 1992, VDA Borella has been using artificial flowers that seem real, composing them according to the requests and needs of customers: All our bouquets of artificial flowers for sale online are prepared with quality artificial flowers that are also suitable for outdoor use, keeping their colors unaltered for a long time. Undoubtedly, taking care of artificial flowers at home is way easier than taking care of fresh flowers. Since the artificial flowers have a metal core inside them, they can be easily bent to the desired shape according to your needs and tastes without ruining them due to direct exposition to sunlight or heat sources.


How to buy artificial flowers with VDA Borella.

Artificial flower bouquet that looks real, realistic, and true to shape and color. Silk and plastic are the elements that compose the flowers together with the metal, always coated, used as a stem. On our site, we offer a wide selection of already-made and packaged compositions ready to meet your needs. Artificial flowers for the cemetery, composed and packaged to be exposed with the certainty of long life and the simplicity with which they can be placed. Ready-to-use artificial niche flowers: a bunch of almost real artificial flowers packaged and composed by our florists who look for the perfect size and shape to position them most easily and least laboriously.


How to clean artificial flowers.

Artificial flowers do not require extreme attention as far as care is concerned, but we must be careful not to neglect their cleaning. In fact, given their long duration over time, dust may settle on their surface, so it would be advisable to clean them periodically. It can be done simply by using a duvet to gently dust the petals out, or by using the cold air of a hairdryer at low speed. With these two simple methods, the dust will be removed, restoring the flowers to their original beauty.


How to furnish with artificial flowers.

Our artificial flower compositions are an excellent solution to decorate and beautify a room. They can make a professional studio or office appear cozier by recreating harmonious effects, with nearly no need for maintenance. In our online shop of artificial flowers, various bouquet solutions are presented in the shapes, colors, and accessories that accompany them, which make them an excellent gift idea. A centerpiece of artificial flowers to create a colorful atmosphere inside a home or surprise a friend by giving a bouquet of artificial flowers accompanied by our original Murano glass vase.


Artificial orchid plant from inside.

A beautiful artificial phalaenopsis orchid plant that looks real with white flowers and pink hues, accompanied by a ceramic vase, is a perfect piece of furniture for any room in the house. At the center of a table, on a piece of furniture, or a desk of a professional studio, it will be able to capture everyone’s attention thanks to its beauty, naturalness, and its elegant design. Flowers and leaves are produced with plastic materials, while the stems have a metal frame coated and tamed to recreate the veins of the leaves and flowers, faithfully reproducing the real ones.

The merit of these artificial orchid plants is undoubtedly the duration and the almost complete absence of maintenance. Unlike the real ones, they can be placed in any environment, even without natural light or humidity, as they do not need to be watered. Although of excellent quality, they require to be cleaned and dusted periodically to remove any dust deposits. The best method is to use a cold air hair dryer or use a soft sponge to blow flowers and leaves.