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The traditional Venetian goths by VDA Borella

VDA tumblers: new stabilised roses party favours

Stabilised roses party favours, Murano glass furnishing accessories, tableware, wedding presents, corporate gifts…the most diverse artistic creations take shape with VDA Borella’s magic. The union of wise, handmade work of master glassmakers with the delicate arrangement of roses and stabilised lichen gives life to your desires.

Among the new creations by VDA Borella, the artistic collections of tumblers are noteworthy, particularly appreciated for their versatility: thanks to floral decorations, our tumblers are often chosen as stabilised roses party favours, as centerpieces for special events, as well as luxury gift ideas and furnishing accessories. 

Tumblers as stabilised roses party favours

The history of Murano glass tumblers has its roots in the life of the ancient glassmasters: the goti de fornase (“tumblers of the furnace” in venetian dialect) were crafted and used to drink by masters during the hard work in the furnace. The goti were modeled with hot vitreous paste, without paying attention to the perfection of the form. Today these irregular shaped creations are considered precious objects, very popular and sought after all over the world.

VDA Borella’s tumblers reinterpret the venetian tradition of goti de fornase by merging Murano glass charm with a beautiful arrangement of stabilised roses. This is how Goti Acquavita and Goti Aseo were born.

Goti Acquavita and Goti Aseo

Goti Acquavita are handmade by our masters, in the respect of the traditional craftsmanship of goti de fornase, with murrine millefiori, silver and polychrome canes poured on the inside. The floral decoration, a work of our florists, turns them into stabilised roses party favours: the lively beauty of these goti is perfect for weddings or special events that you want to remember forever.

Goti Aseo are characterised by a regular shape and the pastel shades of blue, green, white and red, recalled by the composition of roses. For these goti, the masters used the incalmo technique – the same of ca’ Rizzi vase – which consists of the combination of glasses of different colours welded together while hot. Goti Aseo are mostly chosen to decorate table during special events.

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