Tradition, history and charm of the grape harvest

September: the magic harvest period. This tradition of ancient origins is without a doubt one of the most common in Italy: with more or less modern methods every year, exactly on this time, grape harvest starts and later the production of delicious wines, too.

Lately, new technologies have influenced a lot also harvesting techniques, making it a faster, easier and more efficient work. However, there are still small family businesses that prefer to pass on our grandparents’ techniques, which are harder but can give incomparable satisfactions.

In this way, in fact, harvest represents the results of an entire year of hard work and sacrifice, and it becomes a real family event.

It seems that harvest in Italy has its origin from Greeks, who took their traditions in the mainland’s south.

The Romans were wine lovers instead, also famous among medieval monasteries and during Renaissance. In the last years wine is one of the most appreciated italian products at international level, because of its fine taste but also its quality and tradition that has been created behind every bottle.

Enjoying a glass of wine in company can be even more pleasant if presented with elegance and sophistication: Vetro da Amare creates a beautiful decorative bottle cap in Murano glass, hand-worked in every detail.

There are various shapes and colours, and in some cases (such as in the Diedo cap) they are also accompanied by a lovely stabilized rose.

This artistic creation is one of a kind and undoubtedly contributes to make your table particular and elegant, or the table of a friend who loves good wine and the unique Italian tradition.