The bonbonnieres are the well-known gift of the spouses on the occasion of the wedding, or silver and golden wedding anniversary.

The use of the bonbonnieres is also extended on the occasion of a birth, baptism, first communion and confirmation, as well as for the achievement of a degree. Vetro da Amare creates artistic objects in Murano glass made from “A LUME” glass processing.

This technique, also used for the creation of jewelry, is performed with glass rods that are made malleable by the flame of a torch.

The craftsman then, with skill and a lot of patience, will know how to mix the various glass rods, of various colors, giving life to multiple artistic objects: our Rosa Veneta the cap Diedo, spreads butter Archi, corkscrew Donà, ppre knife Novo, cheese knife Felice and other pleasant and original strictly Made in Italy objects.

The Rosa Veneta and the Diedo cap will later be embellished by the addition of a real stabilized rose that our flower designers will put inside with skill and professionalism.