• Can I choose a product without stabilized roses?

Our products are created to accommodate a composition of stabilized roses. It is therefore not possible to sell them separately.  


• Do I have to take care of stabilized roses in any way?

Stabilized roses require no special care. To maintain their beauty, it is sufficient to keep them indoors and dry, away from direct sunlight. 


• What is the average lifespan of a stabilized squad?

Contrary to natural roses, stabilized roses can last several years thanks to the treatment they have undergone which maintains their original beauty avoiding aging.  


• Can I choose a different color for roses?

Of course, you can choose the color that best suits your needs. VDA guarantees a choice of twelve colors: you can select the shade that most closely matches your desires.


• Can I have a dedication performed on any object, including mirrors?

Each VDA creation is designed to accommodate a dedication. In the case of mirrors, it will be possible to apply a dedication of modest dimensions through the engraving technique. Please contact our customer service to expose your request. We will take care to inform the master decorator to find the best solution.


• Can I have a dedication also performed on the décolleté?

Again, please contact our customer service to expose your request. We will study together with the master decorator the best solution to satisfy your desires.  


• Is there a surcharge for the dedication?

This may depend on the length of the desired dedication. We will give you a quote after consulting our master decorator.


• Can I choose the color of the vase?

For sure, it is possible to choose from seven different colors with the exception of the Cà Rizzi vase which is available in limited colors. The colors available are white, gray, red, yellow, orange, green and blue. We inform you, however, that the colors described are purely demonstrative: since these are works created by hand and only on order, the shape, color, shades and every detail are unique and unrepeatable. The final color, therefore, is defined by the master of glass through processing in the furnace.


• Can I only buy the frame without the picture?

The frames are sold only together with the painting or a plant composition. You can customize the color of the roses in them.


• Are Murano glass paintings available only with a blue base?

Yes, however we invite you to contact our customer service via email or chat to study together the solution that best suits your desires.  


• Can I choose to customize the mirrors without roses?

The mirrors, like all our products, have been designed to accommodate a composition of stabilized roses; it is therefore not possible to order mirrors without roses.  


• Do you issue a certificate of authenticity?

Yes, each item has a strictly personal certificate attesting to its originality, geographical origin and great craftsmanship.  


• What happens if the product is damaged during transport?

In the unfortunate event of damage to your purchase, please contact our customer service and report the eventuality of returning the damaged item to us. You will be reimbursed within the 14th day of receipt of the product returned to the company.


• I should order bombonnieres. Do you deliver them already packaged?

At the customer’s request, we deliver them already packaged. However, there may be problems during transport with regards to bombonnieres. We recommend contacting us to find the most suitable solution.


• Do plant panels need maintenance?

Absolutely not. The products that are used for the compositions are all products that undergo a stabilization process, so they do not require water or other precautions. They are products that must be kept indoors and not exposed to sunlight. They maintain their beauty and integrity for several years.


• How can I use vegetable paintings?

They are suitable as a piece of furniture inside homes. To embellish a wall in the living room or bedroom or to make an entrance even more elegant.


• Can the roses stabilized in the mirrors be replaced?

Certainly. The stabilized roses that adorn these furnishing accessories can be easily replaced. It is a job that must be carried out by expert and professional hands. Our floral designers will be at your disposal for any other clarification.


• Can the vegetable compositions inside frames, mirrors, photo frames and paintings be renewed?

Certainly. The stabilized compositions that adorn these furnishing accessories can be easily replaced. It is a job that must be carried out by expert and professional hands. Our floral designers will be at your disposal for any other clarification.


• Do you carry out the renewal service of stabilized roses and plants?

Certainly. Contact us for more information.