Murano Favors – Murano glass and silver favors. Discover the new collections of wedding favors for weddings, confirmation, communion and baptism in Murano glass, prices and all the features. Murano glass favors are a gift that will impress your loved ones for the quality and beauty of our products Made in Italy.

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Murano glass favors

VDABorella also offers various types of wedding favors handcrafted in Murano glass by expert glassmakers according to the Venetian tradition.

It is a series of creations that are perfect as an ornament and decoration, but particularly as favors for weddings, baptisms, anniversaries and any other occasion, or as an original gift idea for friends and relatives.

The graduation or communion favor in Murano glass will surely capture the curiosity of those who receive it thanks to its particularity: the traditional objects of the Venetian island are worked in the smallest details by experts and passionate artisans, who enrich their creations with the use of various colors of blown glass in the composition of unique works of their kind.

In the online sale of Murano glass by VDABorella, the types of favors and gift items in original Murano Glass are varied: goblets with stabilized roses, table sets, original bottle caps, table mirrors or frames enriched with moss and stabilized roses, carries cutlery, vases and more.

As mentioned, some creations are decorated with elegant stabilized roses, that is authentic flowers but treated in such a way as to last over the years with much less maintenance than that required for fresh flowers.

Our vases, goblets, frames and many other objects enriched with stabilized roses are made in this way even more elegant and therefore suitable for any environment: from a professional office to a more or less modern home.

A fairly classic and elegant type of glass present in our online shop is, for example, Alvise; while Abazia is a more colorful and imaginative type of glass. The creations in Murano glass have in fact the ability to adapt to any style, giving an inimitable touch of originality.

In addition to roses, an element that characterizes some creations is the murrina, widely used by glass masters. It is a small glass element that, melted together with other murrine, creates a fantastic effect in terms of coloring.

Murrina favors can be, for example, bottle caps or table sets that stand out for the uniqueness and richness of the arrangement of colors on the surface. Another type of glass wedding favor is the traditional clown, a nice clown represented in various shapes and colors very common in the creation in Murano glass, which once again is characterized by its absolute uniqueness and beauty.

In addition to the objects offered on our site, VDABorella also gives the possibility to personalize your own idea of ​​wedding favor, recreating the shape or subject desired by the customer with the lamp technique. On request, moreover, VDABorella with the professionalism of its florists delivers the desired favors packaged in an appropriate manner for the occasion.