Murano glass vases made by local artisans, Vases Made in Italy – Venice. Discover now our collection of Murano glass vases, their prices and all the features. Our products are exclusive, they are antique and vintage products not available on Amazon or Ebay.

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Vases in Murano glass

VDA Borella vases are inimitable works of art made in Italy handcrafted by expert Venetian artisans, who carry on this noble tradition from generation to generation.

Precisely because they are handmade, our vases are unique in their individual details and this makes them even more fascinating.

Thanks to their uniqueness, they are perfect as a gift for someone special, on the occasion of a wedding, birthday, anniversary or any other occasion worthy of a magical gift.

The blown glass vase can also be a personal centerpiece or piece of furniture for our guests to admire, perhaps enriched with fresh flowers or an elegant bouquet of white avalanche roses.

As an alternative, together with our vases we offer pleasant compositions of stabilized roses: they are authentic flowers but treated to last over the years, requiring minimal maintenance and care.

The stabilized roses are available in various colors and sizes, so that they can be accompanied in the best way to a precious vase.

Thanks to this complement, the composition becomes further refined and can be sublime adapted to an office or other professional places; also ideal for enriching our home with an extra touch of personality and elegance.

Whether it is for us or for a person dear to us, the Murano glass vase never fails to amaze and delight, thanks to the fascinating history and meticulous attention to detail in each work.

Among the vases that can be purchased online on our site, the colors and shapes are varied and suitable for everyone’s personal tastes, in order to reflect the imagination of the extraordinary Venetian craftsmanship.

In the VDA Borella online shop several examples of compositions of this type can be consulted, but through our contacts we will be happy to clarify any doubts in order to satisfy the personal tastes of each customer.

These vases can in fact be adapted to various styles and preferences: they are perfect in a simple and modern but also classic and home environment.

Among our handcrafted vases, for example, Contarini is a simple work, characterized by a smooth and uniform surface; Torete, Ruga and Salute, on the other hand, are distinguished by some particular and characteristic in the shape and colors ideal for decorating a dining table; Doge stands out for the presence of a wonderful reproduction of the Bucintoro handmade by a skilled decorator craftsman.

This wide choice makes them particular and special items for the home, original gift ideas for friends and relatives or lovely personalized decorations.


The Murano glass vases are a precious and fragile piece of furniture, which requires to pay little attention.

It is vital to place the pot in a safe place: away from falls or violent movements, but also direct sources of light and heat.

Remember that a characterizing part of the composition is that is made out of stabilized roses, which could deteriorate over time if exposed to harmful agents.

The stabilized flowers have been treated in such a way as to maintain their appearance for a long time, but being real flowers, they are delicate.

A further advantage of stabilized flowers is that they do not need nourishment or water, which should be avoided.

At this point, however, what is left is to dedicate oneself to an occasional cleaning of the work.

It is inevitable that, no matter how repaired, the vase is subject to the deposit of dust or other harmful substances.

As for the roses, we recommend dusting them using a hairdryer at low temperature and speed, aiming it at the flowers about 20 cm away from them.

The glass vase can instead be cleaned with a microfibre cloth moistened with water, sometimes using even a small amount of neutral soap.

It is crucial to carry out the cleaning with extreme delicacy and attention, given the fragility of the material, paying particular attention to vases decorated with paintings.

Finally, we advise not to sink the vases in water, due to the presence of stabilized plants and roses, and not to let the vases touch each other: this could lead to scratching the surface of the precious Murano glass.