Murano glass balls for Christmas made of Murano glass, glass balls for the Christmas tree or transparent Christmas balls. Discover now the new collection of Murano glass Christmas balls with blown glass, prices and all the features.

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Christmas balls in Murano glass

The VDA Borella Christmas balls are unique and precious creations that with their art will make your holidays even more magical.

Handcrafted in every detail, these Christmas balls are made of a Murano blown glass base, present in different colors and modeled by skilled craftsmen according to the Venetian tradition.

The inimitable decoration that enriches the spheres consists of a representation made by a master decorator with the antiquing technique, polychrome enamels and 24-karat liquid gold fired.

The representations available are 54 different Christmas-themed paintings, pleasant to observe in the smallest details that only craftsmanship can guarantee.

This wide choice will make your decoration even more fascinating and personal: Christmas Tree, Christmas Angel, Snowman and Santa Claus are just some of the wonderful Christmas balls, which can be chosen by each member of the family in order to make the more welcoming home.

These glass decorations will therefore make your Christmas tree or your home a fascinating place full of art, but they are also perfect as a gift: as a wedding favor for a special occasion, sought-after corporate gift or Christmas gift for your friends and relatives. , these Christmas balls will make the recipient happy thanks to their unique beauty.

To make them even more suitable as a gift, VDA Borella’s expert florists lovingly pack and protect the spheres inside a pretty brown box.


The Murano glass Christmas balls are a wonderful and unique decoration intended to be displayed, hung on the Christmas tree, or simply placed on a shelf.

In any case, it will inevitably be subject to the deposit of dust and other harmful substances, for this reason, we offer you some advice on cleaning and maintaining this handcrafted work.

Occasionally dusting the spheres is as important as it is simple: use a microfiber cloth moistened with water, possibly with the addition of a small amount of neutral soap to remove dirt.

The most important thing is to carry out the operation with great delicacy, given the extreme fragility of the material and the wonderful decorations on it.

In addition to cleaning, we recommend carefully choosing the spot to put the sphere: it is vital to avoid falls or sudden movements or contact between different spheres: this could lead to scratching the glass or ruining the paintings.

When the time has come to remove all the decorations used to embellish and decorate the tree, it is advisable to dust them and wipe them gently with a damp cloth.

After drying them carefully and prudently, we recommend wrapping them individually with thick-weight paper or with bubble wrap previously cut to size and lay them one by one inside a cardboard box which will then be sealed with adhesive tape.

After writing on the sides and the top of the box what we have stored inside, we will store everything in a safe place in the house such as an attic, a closet, or a garage, protecting it from any bumps or falls, waiting for the next holidays.