Discover the new collection of modern Murano glass paintings, glass paintings for the kitchen that you will not find on Amazon or Ebay. New collection of personalized and colored Murano glass paintings.

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Murano glass paintings

The Murano glass paintings proposed by VDA Borella are real works of art that continually enchant, in every detail.

Behind a creation of this type is the traditional Venetian glass processing, which is combined with the expert dexterity of a skilled decorator to create an inimitable set of beauty.

The base of each painting is Murano glass surrounded by a handcrafted wooden frame, sometimes enriched with graceful and elegant stabilized roses.

The latter are authentic roses but treated to last for a long time and with less maintenance than that required by fresh flowers, which is why we use them in our Murano glass decorations: they are simple to care for but they undoubtedly contribute to the beauty of the works.

Our paintings are also very versatile and suitable for any type of environment, from a modern one to a more classic one.

For example, in Dandolo and Gradenigo the colors gold and black prevail, which as always surround a wonderful representation made by hand.

Even the frame can make the difference: the Manin painting is made simpler and more modern than the others thanks to the black frame.

Many designs are made with the precise technique of 24 carat gold leaf, which stands out particularly on the blue glass base of Rezzonico.

Each representation in these paintings reflects a part of history or culture: with Soranzo we can admire the most famous symbol of Venice, the lion of San Marco; Morosini instead recreates the romantic scene of “The embrace” by Gustav Klimt, a masterpiece that never ceases to amaze.

If placed in any room of your home, a painting like this cannot but amaze you continuously; in the same way, if offered as a gift to a special person, it will undoubtedly amaze the recipient, as only art is and will always be able to do.