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Murano glass jewelry

VDA Borella offers elegant handmade jewels made in Italy: numerous models of necklaces, bracelets and earrings collected in different collections.

These are silver and Murano glass jewels, created by skilled Venetian artisans in a meticulous and inimitable way.

Each jewel, being handmade, is unique in its kind and this makes it even more special and precious.

As in all its products, VDABorella is keen to create works that reflect the preferences of anyone, the jewels are therefore present in various models and color combinations, and characterized by a sequence of more or less Murano glass beads worked by lamp. of various sizes.

There are therefore colorful and imaginative models available, but also accessories that are less bulky and with simple colors, such as black and white.

An example is the Jane collection, composed of jewels in white glass beads that, in their simplicity, never go out of fashion.

Our shining jewels are certainly a perfect gift idea: the combination of fashion and such traditional and historical workmanship cannot but amaze and please those who receive the surprise.

You can choose to combine an entire collection or wear a single accessory: even Murano glass earrings alone will have the ability to give a magical and elegant look, representing a detail that will never go unnoticed.

In addition to the jewelry collections, individual Murano glass bracelets in numerous colors are available in our online shop, as in the Kendra and Lady models.

Whatever your preference, in the wide selection of our site you will find pleasant accessories for you or refined gifts to give to a special person: the uniqueness of a hand-made jewel will make the gift you want to give to the people even more exciting. love.

On request, VDA Borella can further enrich your gift by wrapping it with care thanks to the work of its florists.