For the realization of the mirror, a draft is initially created on paper based on the client’s wishes.

Then embellishments (classic Venetian figures, flowers, dedications, etc.) to be engraved on the glass, the colors, the Murano glass ornaments and finally the stabilized vegetables to create the work are chosen.

The Murano glass mirror or frame was born thanks to the contribution of at least 5 or 6 artisanal figures, who will give life, thanks to their experience, to a product of excellence.

Once the final draft has been created, the first step will be to choose the fir wood structure that will be tailor-made to house a wonderful stabilized floral composition inside.

The next steps will be the engraving on glass plates of the decorations previously chosen and customized by the customer, then the silvering will be carried out, following a strictly handmade procedure.

The “mirrored” glasses are then placed and set on the fir wood base which in some cases can be covered with a layer of silver or gold leaf which will make it even more elegant and valuable.

The embellishments of Murano glass such as flowers, leaves, curls will be added, which will be fixed, with great skill and attention, to the wooden base with nails having glass knob.

The final touch to this work will be given by our floral designers who after carefully selecting the various stabilized plants and stabilized roses will create a composition inside the mirror or frame in Murano glass, giving life to unique and exclusive works.