Discover now our collection of preserved plant paintings, their prices and their characteristics. Plant paintings stabilized for shops or showrooms, are often also used for offices or modern buildings. Our products are all handcrafted, made with the do-it-yourself method. These products are available online on our site, you will not be able to find these vegetable paintings on Amazon.

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Vegetable paintings

The vegetable paintings proposed by VDA Borella are a particular and modern accessory for interiors that gives great originality to the rooms.

Handcrafted by combining Venetian tradition with the art of flowers, these Murano glass decorations are suitable for any type of background: from a more modern to a classic one.

The floral element in lichens, moss, roses and other stabilized plants certainly gives originality to the work, while the handcrafted wooden frame brings simplicity to everything.

The plants and flowers used in these plant paintings are always stabilized: they are therefore authentic plants but treated in such a way as to last for a long time and without the need for demanding maintenance, which instead require fresh flowers.

Like all of our Murano Glass creations, the plant paintings allow a wide choice based on everyone’s preferences: in our online shop you will find various shapes, sizes and colors to choose from.

In addition to the simple square and rectangular structures, we propose for example Achillea, a “beehive” painting made up of various hexagons of moss and stabilized roses.

Another very original painting is Fenice, which features wonderful hand-painted decorations along the glass frame by a skilled craftsman.

Some paintings, such as Erbe, are further enriched by the inclusion of a mirror. The frames themselves can be of various types: colored in gold and silver or in black, which with its opacity and simplicity is perfect for a modern home but also for an office or workplace.

This stabilized plant framework therefore has many variations, being handcrafted down to the smallest detail, and adapts to everyone’s tastes.

It thus becomes a perfect and versatile gift idea for friends and relatives, who will be enchanted by so much beauty and elegance, but also an enchanting living furniture for any room and room in your home.


Vegetable paintings placed inside an environment are constantly exposed to dust and other unsuitable substances, which is why they must be cared for and cleaned to last longer without losing their original beauty.

Just use a few simple tricks occasionally: to remove the dust from the hardest to reach spots, use a soft bristle brush gently, while, to get rid of what lays on the surface, we recommend using a hairdryer.

By setting the air at a low temperature and speed, this method will effectively remove the dust from the plants that make up your painting.

As for the frame, however, it is also possible to use a damp microfiber cloth. In addition to cleaning, the choice of the position of your painting is fundamental: remember that the flowers are real, even if stabilized.

They have undergone a stabilization treatment that makes them more resistant and makes them live for a long time over the years, yet, they are real flowers.

For this reason, the plant composition must be kept in indoor environments that protect it from direct lights and heat sources, but unlike fresh flowers, it does not need water, which must be avoided.

Of course, you must also be careful not to spray other substances near the painting, not to make it make sudden movements or make it fall.

Respecting the fragility of everything that makes up the work, it will always be characterized by the freshness and beauty that only flowers and plants can give.