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Design Furnishing Complement

Every environment in which we live our daily lives is undoubtedly made more pleasant by decorations and furnishing items.

Whether it’s a home or a workplace, the atmosphere in which you spend many hours can become special if decorated with the Made in Italy furnishing accessories that best suit a certain context and personal taste.

All VDABorella products can be considered precious ideas for furnishing accessories: among plant paintings, Murano glass mirrors, and other decorations, you will surely find the perfect details to embellish your rooms.

These are home accessories made of Murano glass, finely handcrafted by skilled and expert glassmakers from the famous Venetian island.

These real works of art are further enriched by handcrafted decorations created with glazes and fusible gold, and by wonderful stabilized roses: treated to last for a long time, they do not lose the splendor that only real flowers can provide.

The products available in our online sale are very versatile, therefore perfect for furnishings in both modern and classic environments.

Thanks to the great variety of colors and shapes you will surely find what best suits your preferences or those of a special person.

These original furnishing accessories are in fact an excellent gift idea, which will be well appreciated thanks to its unique and inimitable beauty that can be seen in the smallest details.

Those who receive the gift will therefore always be able to admire a work of art that will undoubtedly adapt to any room, and which at the same time will represent your precious bond.

Similarly, other products are prepared to be a perfect wedding favor or an original corporate gift.

Among fascinating goblets, cutlery holders and glass figurines, the choice is truly vast.

In the “Furnishing accessories” category on the VDABorella website, you will find in particular original designs such as the dazzling Furatola centerpiece and enchanting glass sculptures such as Minich, Terese and Cà Pesaro.