Murano glass frames – Glass frames for photos made to measure and personalized, Murano glass photo frames. Discover now our collection of Murano glass frames for photos made in Murano glass.

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Photo holder in Murano glass

The undisputed protagonist of the furniture in an elegant living room in a house is the traditional photo frame.

An object of great value and value forged in the typical Murano furnaces by expert glass masters.

If you want a cozy and pleasant atmosphere, this object is for you. Embellished with glass inserts and stabilized plants, these photo frames characterized by an elegant, sober and trendy design materialize into a piece of furniture with a high aesthetic and personal value.

The photo frame is in fact the container of memories par excellence, and for this reason it is perfectly suited to be a gift to give to friends and relatives.

Your best photos will thus be framed by the enchanting Murano glass, worked in the island’s furnaces by expert glass masters who also model every detail of the precious decorative glass flowers.

VDA Borella enriches this work with stabilized roses and mosses: these plants make the photo frame even more refined and unique, while not requiring any kind of care.

This interior accessory will therefore enrich any room in your home, bring the best memories to an elegant workplace or move the recipient of a traditional but always pleasant gift.

To ensure the safety and pleasant presentation of the photo frame, the latter is carefully enclosed in a protected box for shipping.

This way your gift will be further surprising and well presented.


The mirrors and photo frames available in our online shop are entirely handcrafted in Murano glass and must be protected from what could damage them.

First of all, they must be placed in a closed and sheltered environment, distance from direct sources of light and heat would also be ideal, which in the long run, could deteriorate the plant parts that make up our works.

In particular, it should be remembered that there are inserts of stabilized flowers and plants: the latter are treated with a stabilization process to maintain their freshness over time.

They need absolutely no water or nutrients, but an occasional cleansing would help maintain their beauty.

We recommend you to use a soft bristle brush, which will help you reach even the most hidden spots where dust is deposited.

For the mirror or photo frame, instead, we suggest the use of a microfiber cloth moistened with water or, to better clean the glass, a small amount of glass and mirror cleaner will be useful, acting with care and attention.

It will be enough to treat the work occasionally and protect the flowers in particular, but also the entire composition, from sudden movements, falls, and bumps.