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Tipetti in Murano glass

The tipetto is one of the most famous Venetian artistic creations in the world. It is said that its fortune is also due to Queen Catherine de ‘Medici, wife of the King of France, who introduced the most beautiful Venetian types of the sixteenth century to the court.

The tipetto was born as a chalice for libations, but today this elegant and precious object has undergone a metamorphosis.

The precious Murano glass, the delicate and fine gold leaf decorations, the great historical and artistic value that surrounds these creations do not make them more suitable for food use but only and exclusively as furnishing items.

The tipetti of VDA Borella have an additional decoration, the composition of stabilized roses: the beautiful roses that never fade and enhance the value of the entire work.

An unparalleled artistic workmanship, the result of the wise and ancient Venetian glass art, is combined with the talent of those who, with gold and stabilized roses, transform an enchanting artifact into a masterpiece.

Masters in floral art for over twenty years, VdABorella’s artisans carefully choose each rose to create a composition of immortal beauty.

VDA Borella roses have the gift of retaining the appearance of a freshly picked flower for many years, thanks to stabilization, which prevents the petals from losing their beauty.

The charm of stabilized roses joins the legendary Murano glass art in giving life to unique creations made of small attentions, details and sensations that are transformed into indelible emotions: authentic works of art that have been moving since 1992.